Matthew Dellavedova

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Matthew Dellavedova

Since he is Australian, ESPN shows practically every St. Marys game here because of Dellavedova and a few other Aussies on the team. Do you think he is in an NBA caliber player? If so, as a bench warmer, role player, starter or a star? He played pretty well in the Olympics and is a great college player, but personally I do not think his game translates at all. He might get picked up back end up the second round, but even that I feel is a stretch. I think he could go overseas in Europe and make some money though.

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i definitely dont think hes

i definitely dont think hes an nba player but if he did somehow get into the league he would be a benchwarmer. poor mans luke ridnour at best

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He's going to get some looks

He's going to get some looks from some nba teams..Dellavedova is a great playmaker....But his problem will be on the defensive end,doesnt finish well,he's not a good athlete and doesnt have strength...

I wouldnt be surprised if he made someone's roster as the 3rd string pg....But to me he seems more like a European player......

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No way is he a nba player.

No way is he a nba player. Patty mills is waaayy better and can barely see the floor

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He's kind of a fringe player,

He's kind of a fringe player, IMO. He does a lot of things well, has pretty good size for a playmaking combo and has international experience, but is he good enough to stick? I'm not sure. I think he's 50- undrafted, but he'll get a shot to make a team. I just think he may end up in Europe. Comparison - Dan Dickau

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