Marquis Teague Ceiling

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Marquis Teague Ceiling

I think it's a very special player, is a diamond in the rough, how big is your ceiling?

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not much. maybe i am hard on

not much. maybe i am hard on the kid but this is my take:
i'm not a fan of tyshawn taylor and he worked teague last year. ryan harrow sucks and he was better than teague in practice. i could be wrong, maybe he has that whatever word called potential, but i have never seen anything special from teague and believe the guy is a complete wasted draft pick bust. last year was a good draft but for the most part that class was lacking in floor generals.

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I'm not very high on Teague

I'm not very high on Teague either but I'm not putting any stock into Harrow being better than him in practice last year. Teague is very young, raw, and Bulls were wise to take a risk on him where they were drafting knowing Rose would be out most if not all this year.

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I think he could become a

I think he could become a solid backup.. Not a starter IMO.. To be able to make it he needs to become a better facilitator...

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he's a good fast guard but

he's a good fast guard but his decision making needs alot of work.he should stayed in school another year.i think he will be a good back up or a spark off the bench type player.once he learns how to be a better pg he can use is speed to his advantage compared to just going off speed alone.

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Marquise Teague's ceiling is

Marquise Teague's ceiling is Jeff Teague.

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Bobby jackson

I think Teague ceiling is bobby Jackson of the Sacramento kings at best. I don't agree with the prophet bringing up harrow being better in practice. I mean we talking about practice?(Allen iverson voice)

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Practice?! haha. Look how that turned out for Mr. Harrow, and he got them Harrison boys comin' through to steal all them minutes.

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I cringe every time he's on

I cringe every time he's on the floor for the Bulls.

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He is like 19 years old. We

He is like 19 years old. We can't say he won't ever be a starter he is to young to say that.

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Looks like Calipari took

Looks like Calipari took Marquis' soul. He doesn't even look like he even enjoys playing basketball because he's so afraid of making mistakes.
I don't see him ever becoming a starter

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