Markieff Morris

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Markieff Morris

Has started for the suns the past 3 games, they are 2-1 with him starting.

Has put up 19p-7r, 23-3 and 8-10 while shooting 22/34 from the field and 5/7 from behind the arc in his last 4 games

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Morris twins

In the draft day someone said that Marcus was the best.... but Markieff is a true PF while is brother seems a tweener and struggles to find his game.... Markieff ahs a better hand of what i supposed....

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I still think Marcus is a

I still think Marcus is a better player. If you look at their situation Marcus is in Houston and McHale is reluctant to play rookies. This season he has a role and has played well but is still on a team with 5 PF's. I think when everything is said and done Marcus will be considered a better player. If you switch them and put Marcus on the Suns he would easily put up those numbers.

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I think Marcus is the better

I think Marcus is the better skilled but I think his best position is at small forward even though I am sure he could play power forward well for the Suns as does his brother. The key thing is with Markieff playing the 4 spot so well, what will they do with Channing Frye.

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Putting Scola on the bench

Putting Scola on the bench didn't make much sense at the time. It's not like Markieff was playing well up until that point. Maybe coach Gentry felt that he had to keep Scola away from Beasley for health reasons.

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Morris hit the rookie wall

Morris hit the rookie wall pretty hard, last season. After a hot start he struggled with his jumper and his shooting percentages plummeted. I expected he'd have an improved sophomore season and he seems to be doing just that. He's a nice balance of interior toughness and jump shooting, which is a good thing for Pheonix.

Despite the desire to give one Morris the "better" title, I think they will have pretty similar careers. Now that Marcus is playing a lot of minutes at PF this season ( I never really bought him as a true SF ) I think he'll continue to produce around 10/5 in a 25 mpg role.

I think when both players fully mature, they'll be starters and 3 or 4th options on offense. Markeiff got a lot of praise for being much better, last season, but their numbers are shockingly similar as sophomores. I think Marcus is a better energy guy, while Markeiff, despite being taller, has developed into a better outside shooter.

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Gotta say I am starting to really like this kid! At first I thought at best he will be at best a drew gooden type. With his developement I now can see him as a Horace Grant or Charles Oakley with much better range. He is starting to show a lot more fire. I am not sure how his brother will fair, maybe Harvey Grant? Lol, if Markeiff continues to show desire for improvement he has the potential to be a two option on the offense. The more confident he is the more moves off the dribble he has been showing, pretty interesting. Who knows maybe in a few years he will be more like a Karl Malone? Its all just potential and desire, that desire is what makes the great ones great.

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plz r377 change your

plz r377 change your picture.. keep bill liambeer in the basketball vaults..

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