Mark Few and the Zags

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Mark Few and the Zags

So the Zags are going to be number 1. First time ever, great for them the their head coach. Wanted to ask you guys... Do you ever think Mark Few will take another job? He's been with the Zags for something like 23 years. Had some great teams but capped out at the sweet 16. Would love to see him coach up some top 20 kids out of high school.

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Think he is a Zag for life

He is from Creswell, Oregon and is actually a U of O grad. I know that Phil Knight was VERY interested in him for the Ducks job during the end of the Ernie Kent era and of course once Kent was let go. Think that Mark is very happy in Spokane and has built a fantastic program, not to mention one that has constantly stayed competitive. I figure that him turning down big money at his alma mater and showing no real interest in moving to a more "major" coaching job probably points to him remaining with Gonzaga. UCLA or UW could be options down the line, though I am guessing he more than likely turns them down like he has done through out his whole career.

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