Marcus Williams former UConn PG

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Marcus Williams former UConn PG

Marcus has been on 3 teams in 4 years, I absolutely don't know why he is not on a NBA roster. He is not a score 1st PG, he is distributor who is always looking to set up his teammates. I think if given the right opportunity he could be very productive on a team such as Miami who need PG help. For him to be a 1st Round pick I am really stunned that he is not on a roster, he has the ideal size of a PG 6'3'' 205lbs. Marcus is one of those guys I refuse to give up on, I still have hope for him.

Did anyone else like Marcus & do you think he will get back in the NBA soon?

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I agree

I remember when the nets drafted him and he played behind kidd,I thought he was going to be the future pg of the nets once kidd was gone,then we got harris and he ruined everything. Marcus should be in the nba, teams like the raps,heat,bobcats,kings should give him a look.

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Marcus Williams is slow

Marcus Williams is slow footed, he doesn't have an outside shot, his conditioning has been questioned (which indicates a player's workethic more often than not) and his court vision didn't translate to the pros. He just doesn't make a good NBA player and I don't think he will be back in the NBA.

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I liked him a lot in college,

I liked him a lot in college, Kendall Marshall has a similar game

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He was a good college

He was a good college player.But had to many limitations to be a solid pro..

he wasnt a good athlete

while he was great at penetrating to the basket in college..he had problems attacking the basket in the pro..

he was 1 dimensional scorer..

had trouble moving his feet on defense..

Memphis gave him several chances and he only showed he's not a nba player...

I really doubt we'll see him on a nba regular season roster again

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he put on weight and it badly

he put on weight and it badly affected his game...if he can get into top shape maybe he can come back to the nba

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I was absolutely shocked to

I was absolutely shocked to see this guy not become a solid NBA player, if not NBA starting PG. I was very high on him coming out of UCONN. I thought he had all the intangibles to be the next great game managing PG. He was a very good decision maker and passer, who had enough of a skill set in other facets of the game to make teams play honest. He's been my biggest miss as far a judging players transition to the NBA in a long time. I still think he is rosterable though, he seems like a good teammate and a guy who can facilitate the offense.

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I heard that when he didnt

I heard that when he didnt get the shot to start after Kidd left, he got pissed and stopped caring.. He got fat, he was already slow, and didnt work to get in shape.. Kind of a short Eddy Curry type situation.

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" I liked him a lot in

" I liked him a lot in college, Kendall Marshall has a similar game "

Couldn't agree more. Almost identical in all respects except Marshall's ball handling is not quite there.

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