Make your top 5 big board for your team

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Make your top 5 big board for your team

Pretty simple whoever your favorite team is make your top 5 big board for them. As a TWOLVES fan in order id go

1-Ben McLemore
2-Otto Porter
3-Shabazz closley followed by KCP at #4 (I don't like shabazz dad dude is shady and makes me question shabazz's love for thegame)
5- Nerlens Noel

I also like the Greek dude Giannis but for Minnesota to get him or Porter will would 110% need to be traded

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1. Ben McLemore , Need A scorer
2. Nerelons Noel , Gortat Coming up to his Contract year soon
3.Otto Porter , Beasly played horrible
4 Gorgi Dieng might be able to get him with our 2nd pick
5. KCP/ JaMaal Franklin

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First Round:

1. Archie Goodwin
2. Ricky Ledo
3. KCP
4. Gorgui Dieng
5. Jeff Withey

Second Round:

1. Mam Jaiteh
2. Reggie Bullock
3. Jamaal Franklin
4. Solomon Hill
5. Norvell Pelle

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I'll redo your Wolves one...

...because DAMN. Mine will also be more realistic with regards to draft position

1) Victor Oladipo (they need a SG in the worst way)
2) CJ McCollum (see #1, except he's a better shooter than 'Dipo)
3) Len (if they can't keep Pek, they need a replacement)
4) KCP (again, they need someone who can freaking shoot)
5) Bazz (I don't like him on the Wolves, but he's the next best bet after these four)

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I'm a Wolves fan too and I

I'm a Wolves fan too and I like your list. I think I'd rather have KCP as a 2 than CJ tho...we got too many undersized guards as is...

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I put McCollum ahead of KCP because Rubio is capable of defending SG's. McCollum's ability to create offense for himself, and shoot the three ball are two things the Wolves desperately need. I think KCP may be a couple of years away, whereas McCollum can contribute right away.

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#1.Anyone named Van Gundy
#2.The Raptor
#3 Any Gm who will trade barfani
#4 Andrew Wiggens father
#5 Me

since we don't have a pick I went with managment big board.....

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SG's, scoring SG is a huuuuuugggggeee hole, Mc lemore or even overrate the likes of bazz and KCP(whomever between the 3 will have a real shot at the ROY), then noel as the athletic big...last option bennett in a pseudo BPA rule.
No porter, waiting...wiggins nothing less.

@firekahn, yep they need a legit SG in the worst way, they also badly need D and athleticism, dipo could run with ricky as a regular customer of the top 10, on the other end, KCP could be a great fit too, scorer-shooter playing alongside a great playmaker(preventing him to chuck too much).

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U never know how the lottery

U never know how the lottery will play out that's why I put McLemore in there lol to be hopeful. But I meant if they have a chance to get Porter or Giannis DWilliams would have to get traded without a doubt. And Oladipo is a shorter version of Ronnie Brewer and I'm a IU alum so I have reason to be for him if anything. If Minny takes him it'd be another horrible Kahn move. No need for cj with Ridnour as a back up for rubio and shoved is a good back up 2. We desperately need a big coming off the bench and a reliable or high potential one. With an injury prone Pek if he returns next year I expect him to miss 15+ games not even considering games he's limited in thats why I have Noel in mine

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Detroit Pistons project 7th Pick, with 3.6% at #1 overall

Ben Mclemore if #1

If at #7 work your way down to these guys, considering Noel will be gone anyways.
1. Otto Porter SF
2. Trey Burke PG
3. Victor Oladipo SG
4. Anthony Bennett PF
5. Giannis Adetokoubo SF

Biggest needs in order SF, SG, PG, Back up big for 4/5 spot so basically everything minus big man starters haha

EDIT: I guess I should add in another player if they fall to 8th in draft so here he is, Shabazz Muhammad.

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Since the Raps traded their

Since the Raps traded their pick to Houston then traded to OKC I'll use OKC.

1-Alex Len
2-Cody Zeller
3-Whoever falls...if any of the top projected picks fall in thier lap they gotta pick BPA with Len and Zeller off the board
4-Kelly Olynyk
5-Rudy Robert/Marshall Plumlee

OKC has been in need of an offensive post presence forever and this is a great draft for them to address that need.

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I'll be the optimistic Raps

I'll be the optimistic Raps fan lol, and make a top 5 for if they win a top 3 pick in the lottery and keep their pick.

1. Nerlens Noel- they need front court depth and defensive help, he fills both needs so its a no brainer if hes still available. He and Valanciunas would be a scary duo up front.

2. Anthony Bennett- Once again picking for front court depth, great offensive skill set inside and out with a man's body, a little undersized height wise. Doesn't look like he will help defensively but with a defensive minded coach like Casey he could improve. Would be nice to have some talented Canadian content on the team.

3. Trey Burke- They have Lowry but he was inconsistent, oft injured, and tbh had a disappointing year. Burke gives them someone who can come in as a true PG off the bench with the ability to maybe even take over the starting job if he really shines and Lowry fails to improve. Either way he's a vast improvement over Lucas and Telfair.

4. Otto Porter- would have to back up Rudy Gay so minutes might be tough to find but should play ahead of Fields and Anderson. Has an impressive all around game that I could see Casey (and raps fans) loving. Could see the Raps go small more often with a lineup of Lowry, Derozan, Porter, Gay, and JVal/Amir.

5. McLemore- They already have a ton of wings but really struggle shooting the 3 so Ben would obviously help but Derozan, Ross, and Alan Anderson all see time at the 2 so some moves would definitely have to be made.

Having said all that, I would much rather see them lose their pick this year instead of potentially losing it in next years deep draft.

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why you keep whooping my boy chris jericho arse

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1. Porter 2. Trade the pick

1. Porter
2. Trade the pick for Tyreke Evans
3. Trade the pick for JLamb
4. Oladipo
5. Burke
6. Trade down for Dario Saric.

2nd Round
1. Trade up a couple of spots to secure DeShaun Thomas
2. Mbawke
3. Kabongo
4 Crabbe

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Dallas Mavs at #13 1.Shabazz

Dallas Mavs at #13
1.Shabazz Muhammed( Probably want be their at our pick but if he is don't even think about passing him up)
2.Rudy Gobert(We need to take a risk on his 7'9 wingspan and pair him up with Dirk)
3.CJ McCollum(I like him as a Steph Curry type pg to pair up with OJ Mayos playmaking ability)
4.KCP(If we aren't going bring back OJ then KCP would be a good sg off the bench and grow as a player behind Vince Carter)
5.Steven Adams(simply because of his size and potential)

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If I am going for my top 5 wish list

1. Noel- best talent available

2. Ben Mclemore- great scoring ability, everyone knows the Suns need scoring.(they couldnt even score with an apple pie)

3. Victor Oladipo- I would almost take Dipo over Mclemore. He may be a better prospect because of his defense.

4. Otto Porter- Once again best talent available

5. Zeller or Bennet- Hopefully the Suns dont miss out on my top 4. These are my rock bottom wish listers.

Hopefully the Suns dont drop out of the top 5 pick. Its been a tough season to swallow after all of the great Steve Nash era teams. We all knew it was coming.

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Pacers @ 23

Steven Adams
Jeff Withey
Myck Kabongo
Adrien Payne
Alex Abrines

Pacers need a PF because both West and Hansb are FA this year. They hope to resign West at around $20mil for 2 yrs again. Not sure where Granger fits in their future plans, but Stephenson is also a FA, so they probably need a SG/PG.

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For the Grizzlies in the

For the Grizzlies in the second round:

1) whoever falls, if not, Giorgi Dieng as a legit shot blocker off the bench. Can also play with Gasol
In twin towers lineups.

2) DJ Stephens: great energy guy and dunker. Can rebound and block shots. Might be able to turn into a great wing defender.

3) Seth Curry: Curry can shoot and the Grizzlies need shooters.

4) Adonis Thomas: NBA body for a 2 or 3. Potential. Has some range on his shot.
He put on too much weight this year which made him sluggish.

5) Peyton Siva: Small, even for a point guard but a great floor general with guts who could be a
perfect backup to Mike Conley.

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1. Steven Adams

2. Alex Len

3. Anthony Bennett

4. Giannis Adetukuobo

5. Rudy Gobert

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1) Doug MCDermott
2) Dennis Schroeder??
3) Deshuan Thomas
4) Adreian Payne
5) Myck Kabongo

They just need to do whatever they can to improve their bench. A backup PG would be their best option, but there just aren't very many in this draft and I have trouble getting excited about Dennis Schroeder. Man, this is a weak draft, isn't it?

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You should get excited if you

You should get excited if you land Schroeder. That kid can play and almost anything would be an upgrade over DJ and little Hansbrough

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My Jazz

trade everything, and anything we can for as many 1st round lotto picks next year as we can, for a chance at Ender Wiggins!

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Bulls- 1st Round 1.KCP 2.Jeff


1st Round

2.Jeff Withey
3. Jamal Franklin
4. Tim Hardaway Jr.
5. Gorgui Dieng

2nd Round

1. Will Clyburn
2. Alex Orikahi
3. Kenny Kadji
4. Brandon Davies
5. Seth Curry

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For the 14th pick
1. Trade the pick, and the 21st and Marvin Williams for a pick in the top 5 and land Trey Burke
2. CJ McCollum
3. Giannis Adetokunbo
4. Kelly Olynyk
5. Mason Plumlee

For the 21st pick
1. Dennis Schroeder
2. Myck Kabongo
3. Lorenzo Brown
4. Nate Wolters
5. Erick Green
6. Isaiah Canaan

2nd round

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Pick #9 (Scorer, perimeter length, outside shooting)
1) Victor Oladipo - The wolves perimeter defense has been torched routinely over the last two years, Oladipo can step in right away and help in that regard. Him combined with Rubio could lead to a dynamic duo on the defensive end. On the offensive end he is extremely efficient, moves excellently without the ball and can break down defenders off the dribble.
2) CJ Mccollum - They have no outside shooting, bring in Mccollum and that could be a great step in fixing that problem. Personally I think he's underrated because of his injuries this year and could a steal at the ninth pick. But could he share the ball with Rubio effectively in the backcourt?
3) Shabazz Muhammad - There is no pure scorer on the team as it is, Shabazz could provide that.
4) Kevtavious Caldwell-Pope - Personally I'm not sold on this guy, but he's hailed as a great outside shooter which they desperately need.
5) Centers - With Pekovic likely walking, this pick could be used on a guy like Alex Len if he falls to them. That said, scoring was a huge problem for the Wolves last year and to not dedicate this pick to solve that would be unfortunate....

Pick #26
1) Gorgui Dieng - Completely sold on this guy, without Pek this guy could fill in marvelously. Awesome rim protector, great rebounder, good hands, and as he displayed in the tournament the ability to consistently knock down 12 - 16 ft jumpers. IMO they need this guy, enough so that if they have to trade up to get him they should.
2) Jeff Withey - Another big body, could step in right away at Center, no need to teach this guy length...
3) Steven Adams - " " " " " " " " " " , knock on him is I don't think he'll be as effective right away.
4) Tim Hardaway Jr - Solid outside shooter, doesn't need the ball to be effective, would provide length at the SG spot
5) Allen Crabbe - Same as Hardaway.

Second Round
1) Trevor Mbakwe/Rodney Williams/ Nate Wolters - A monster down low, an athletic freak and a steady guard with deep range... All local guys it would be really cool if the Wolves brought one of them on (Mbakwe and Wolters could fill some needs too!)..
2) Reggie Bullock
3) Michael Snaer
4) James Southerland
5) Use as trade bait in an effort to move up in the first round..

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Since its inevitable that the

Since its inevitable that the Sacramento Kings will probably be playing in Seattle next season, Ill jump on this thread. I'm assuming for this post that the lottery doesn't have a shake up and "we're" picking sixth.

1. Trey Burke- This group of players needs a true PG, desperately. I'm not one of those people that thinks Burke is on the same level as Chris Paul, but I do think he has enough skill, work ethic and leadership skills to be a starting NBA point. I'm not willing to give up on Cousins until I see him play with some team oriented guys instead of a bunch of selfish chuckers.

2. Victor Oladipo- I'm not as high on Oladipo as some people, but with this years pick, I'm assuming we wont land a franchise guy, and as the GM id be planning on dumping most of our roster and bottoming out for the 2014 draft. So I have no problem spending this pick on a future glue guy to pair with whomever we land in 2014. I love Oladipo's defensive prowess and he can do enough on offense to be more than a specialist even if he doesn't profile as a go-to scorer.

3. Shabazz Muhammed- If Burke and Oladipo are off the board, I'd take a long hard look at Bazz. It's a risky pick, and I'd be reluctant to add another ball dominant guy to a roster full of ball dominant guys, but like I said, as GM I'd be planning on getting rid of most of those players anyway. I am one of the people who still thinks Shabazz can be a real game changer in the NBA.

4. Otto Porter- If the three above guys are off the board it means someone fell to #6, probably Porter or Bennett. Of the two I've grown partial to Porter over the last couple of weeks. Really well rounded game, knows how to play team basketball. Highest floor of anyone in the draft in my opinion. Rebuilding this roster, I'd be looking for high IQ guys to fix the culture of the team, and begin to build a roster that can compliment whatever stud we land in 2014.

5. Archie Goodwin- This would be a pretty big reach at #6, but if all my above options are off the table, that probably means McLemore or Noel have fallen to us at #6, and I really don't like either of those guys. Goodwin is a huge risk, especially this high, but he's got the biggest upside of any guy in the draft and I like his mental makeup. Reminds me of Westbrook, both in terms of skill and his demeanor.

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