Lottery mock

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Lottery mock

1-Phoenix:DeAndre Ayton

2-Memphis:Marvin Bagley

3-Dallas:Mohamed Bamba

4-Atlanta:Jaren Jackson Jr.

5-Orlando:Trae Young

6-Chicago:Luka Doncic

7-Sacramento:Michael Porter

8-Cleveland:Mikal Bridges

9-NewYork:Collin Sexton

10-Philadelphia:Kevin Knox

11-Charlotte:Wendell Carter

12-LAClippers:Shai Gilgeous

13-LAClippers:Lonnie Walker

14-Denver:Miles Bridges

Thoughts ?

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I can't see Atlanta taking

I can't see Atlanta taking Jackson when they took Collins last year. I think they take Luka or Porter with the 4th pick...Also can't see the Clips taking two guards back to back. Maybe one guard and a foward

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