Lorenzo Brown

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Lorenzo Brown

I think Lorenzo Brown could be a steal in 2nd round??? What team could be a good fit for him?

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I think he'll go first round,

I think he'll go first round, but he does slip to the 2nd I think the Cavs should take him with either 31 or 33, they're going to need guard depth off the bench and he can play either position .

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I see him having similar NBA

I see him having similar NBA role as E'Twaun Moore.

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Indiana is a good fit for him

Indiana is a good fit for him to be the back up PG and sliding G Hill to the two spot during certain situation.
Clippers would be a good fit since he's a pass first PG and he can turn out like Shaun Livingston was suppose to become before his injury.
Knicks he can learn from J Kidd( another big pg)

In the second round he can land to Cleveland, Washington, Philly, Sac, Det where they need a back up PG.

Lorenzo is one of my favorite prospects in this draft he would be a late first second round gem if he lands in the right situation.

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If Larkin is gone I don't

If Larkin is gone I don't think he'll get past NY at 24

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Agree, Cleveland (have them

Agree, Cleveland (have them picking him 31st in my mock), and depending who they select first (best fit would Noel or Porter be), Brown can play some time together with Uncle Drew in the backcourt as well, creating a nice young backcourt trio of Irving, Waiters and Brown who can all play together.

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i personally have him going

i personally have him going to denver as to be their third point guard and eventual replacement for the 37 year old Andre Miller once his game catches up to his age. having miller, whose also known as a big point guard, as a mentor can do wonders for brown's career.

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Lo Brown

I agree that Cleveland with 31 or 33 would be a good spot for him. I also think that the Thunder at 32 would be a nice a fit.

He can play his way into the late 20's if he has a strong showing at workouts, but I don't think that it is his physical attributes or skills that concerns teams. It is his attitude and motor. I just hope he can get with a team with solid veteran leadership, and not like say, Sacramento.

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