Lonzo Ball and The Laker's Appeal.

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Lonzo Ball and The Laker's Appeal.

Lonzo Ball has returned form an MCL injury and played well in limited minutes in his first two games back. He's still sitting out back to backs but is expected to be back to his full work load soon. Prior to his injury, he had been playing the best ball of his career and his shot was finally starting to fall. Apparently he put in a lot of work on his jumper while rehabbing his injury because he has six threes in his first two games back and is 6/9 from three, including going 3/3 in the Lakers most recent win over the Hawks, and is now sitting at 32% from three on the year.

All around, I believe Lonzo's rookie year has been very encouraging, and not because of his solid 10/7/7 stat line, but because of the effect that he has on the entire team. The Lakers lead the league in points in the paint and pace of play and there is no way around giving Lonzo some credit. his 102.2 defensive rating to go with 0.8 blocks and 1.5 steals per game. He is averaging 2.68 turnovers per game, but with their pace of play and his assist/turnover ratio, I'll take it considering his youth. I believe that he will cut this number down, significantly, going forward and can hopefully bring it closer to 2.0 by the end of the season.

And he's done all this while only having a 17.5% usage percentage, which is a little more than half that of Russell Westbrook (33.6) and D'angelo Russell (31.5). I believe this makes him a very appealing point guard to play with for prospective free agents. With Brandon Ingram developing steadily, Kyle Kuzma taking the league by storm, and everything I've said about Lonzo, and all three being on rookie deals, I believe the Lakers will be an attractive free agent destination. That much youth would normally be problematic, but I believe they're all high IQ, very mature and savvy players who are all getting lots of valuable experience this season leading the team.

Unfortunately, I'm not a Lebron fan. But I do actually believe that LA could be an ideal set up for him to finish his career. The Lakers have the cap space to bring in two max free agents and could even clear space for a third. Lebron's family is already there and Dan Gilbert would be thousands of miles away. If Lebron is bullish on the Lakers young core, I believe he's seriously considering LA. But who knows what he really thinks of the Laker's youngsters.

So, what do you think of Lonzo thus far? Do you think Ball, Kuzma, Ingram and Hart being on rookie deals helps the Lakers, or is their youth problematic? Who do you think is most likely to sign with LA in free agency?

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