Lock out

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Lock out

Do you think the nba will have a lock out next year? Are you on the players or owners side? Will there be season next year? How long will it be? Longer than footballs?

What are your thoughts?

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On the bright side if both

On the bright side if both decides to lockout we can look forward to NCAA Ball.

I think both will strike deals though.

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I think the NBA will be

I think the NBA will be locked out and will probably come back in January.

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Once the NBA sees how high

Once the NBA sees how high their playoff ratings will be this year I think they'll try real hard to make sure there isn't a lockout or a drawn out one

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The owners offer the

The owners offer the contracts so in that view I blame them if they give in to the players.

The idea I'm now liking is in MLS where one designated salary does not count for the cap. This would enable teams to pay their star player whatever they feel he is worth lets call it the "Kobe rule". Then have a stricter cap or just have a harsher luxury tax figure that goes to $1.5 or $2 for each $1 over a certain amount.

I still wonder how they would run the 2012 draft lottery with no season if there was a lockout and which teams would be the biggest losers. I'd feel that win now teams with players under contract beyond 2012 would suffer eg the Knicks, Heat and Dallas and Lakers in particular. Boston would have a load of players expiring so could go into rebuild right away and teams with a star player expiring could lose out as they would not have had another season's worth from the player or been able to build a stronger roster to try and keep them.

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Don't want to admit it but Lockout will happen

I am in favor of a hard cap like Hockey has. I also like the idea of having a franchise tag like the NFL does that way small teams can keep their star players for longer. So I guess you could say that I am on the owner's side. I do think they're will be a lockout. I think player's egos will get the better of them and therefore no compromise will happen until the season would have already started. I don't want their to be a lockout but sadly I think there will be one. I think this one will result alot like the one in 99-00 did where the season started in Feb, and it was a shortened season. Players will finally give in and compromise because they hate not being able to play or get paid so they will compromise by mid january and by February the season will begin but it will be a shortened season.

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I'm in favor of "contraction", whatever

that means.

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NBA lockout

Who knows if there will be a lockout? Depends on many factors. I take the side of the players because ultimately the owners are the real money makers in comparison to most players, and they and the GMs are the ones being irresponsible with their money. Also, I don't think basically trying to put a leash on the players and treating them like dogs is an option that is successful long term. Ultimately, the players make the league.

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theres one thig most people can agree on would be tht a lockout would suck @$$. except for the ncaa. they would make so much more money and everyone would be fallowing the regular seasin and the turney. wen it comes to player vs owners i am and always will be on the side of the players. they r the ones we wanna see, not the owneres. a lockout would be horrible right now for the L. after the playoffs were just ganna be wanting more and more of the elite teams goin at it. and why do people say that owners want to keep the players longer. ik its true but its stupid. its not like these players are leaving and demanding trades after one season. most of these player played 6,7,8 plus years with the team. the players need to have some rights.but in this world people with the most money always win. so i see the owners wining. and ny being a big loser because of this. lol were probably not ganna have the cap space for andother star after this is done :(

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No way a lockout happens in

No way a lockout happens in either sport. Owners would lose SO much more money if the lockout occurs rather than just keeping the current CBA.

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Lockout is Coming

And I am 100% with the players. We can look on multiple sites and tell what each player makes for his contract duration. We can not do the same for the owners. So, they can always claim that they are losing money. If they can show that they are losing money I would feel like something has to be done to make it profitable for all parties. Let's be honest the real superstars of the league make more money from endorsements than basketball salary, that is another thing that people don't understand. The players must fight for the next guy who will come after them. Finally, there is a difference between a lockout and a strike. The owners lockout the players. While the players go on strike when they feel that they are not being treated properly. How could someone be mad at the players for something that the owners will do. Walmart will not lockout there employees because Walmart is a real business that must sell there products to stay open or make money. When these sports leagues lockout it brings to the forefront how they are not everyday average business like WalMart, McDonalds and so forth. With the economy the way it is I hope that these sports leagues get hurt bad after this.

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