List of retiring players

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List of retiring players

Definitely Retiring:

Dirk Nowitzki

Dwyane Wade

Channing Frye

Likely Retiring:

Udonis Haslem

Andrew Bogut (back to Australia)

Considering Retirement:

Tony Parker

Shaun Livingston

Andre Iguodala

Kyle Korver

Likely Returning:

Vince Carter

JJ Barea

Jamal Crawford

No Indication:

Devin Harris

Jose Calderon

Zaza Pachulia


Pau Gasol

Tyson Chandler

Luol Deng

Raymond Felton

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Both the Heat and Haslem have

Both the Heat and Haslem have said they would like him to play again next year so I wouldn't have him in the likely to retire category.

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"Play" is a rather dubious

"Play" is a rather dubious interpretation of what Haslem is doing these days.

He may likely still be on the team next year drawing a paycheck. Whether or not he is actually "playing" is an entirely different matter, considering he basically didn't play at all this year, last year, the year before that, or the year before that. He basically hasn't contributed anything since 2014-15 and there's an argument to be made that he hasn't been a meaningful NBA player since 2009-10.

I could care less what the Heat do and don't have anything against him sucking money out of them for as long as he can -- they can keep him on the roster until he's 83 for all I care.

But lets not pretend he's getting paid to play basketball.

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Haslem played on the last

Haslem played on the last game. He gave Wade his 5th Triple Double on his final game.

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Iggy and/or Livingstone

Iggy and/or Livingstone finishing would be interesting as it might help GSW with the luxury tax level with Klay or KD's new contracts.

Haslem returning would be a bit strange given he hardly plays and the Heat aren't anywhere near contending. But he is a one team man and the Heat probably like him being around as the locker room veteran and feel he is as good as anyone else to be there to play if required and probably act as a good go between for coaches and players. Pat Reilly must like having him there I figure.

If they value him being around and he wouldn't really play then it could make sense to give him a none playing role. But if he had been intending to finish thenn going out at the same time as D-Wade would have made perfect xense given they joined the Heat at about the same time and were part of all the title winning teams.

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The truth is that most nba

The truth is that most nba players don’t officially retire and only a select group get to leave the game on their own terms. Most players just get to a point where they stop being effective, their contracts run out, and they aren’t able to sign another one. Guys like Harris, Calderon, pachulia, gasol, chandler, Haslem, deng, Felton and Bogut all currently don’t have contracts for next season and it probably will be difficult to any of them to continue playing in the nba. Livingston, igoudala, korver, Parker and nene all have contracts and are likely to be back for at least one more season. Carter has already said he wants to play one more season and was effective enough last year that he will likely get the opportunity. Crawford and barea probably still have enough value that they should be able to sign another one year deal.

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What about melo and D12 ???

TP, Wade, Melo Dirk, Pau.... starting 5 hof'ers.

My bench would be Calderon, Jamal, Deng, Z-BO, Chandler.

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Yeah I kinda feel like Howard

Yeah I kinda feel like Howard has had enough of the NBA media &$#%#[email protected]! all over his name. Seems like he pissed the wrong guy off at ESPN because I havent seen anyone write one good article on this guy in a decade, its all negative stuff.

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D12 has exercised his player

D12 has exercised his player option for next season but if the Wizards did flip him to another team or offer him a buyout then I do wonder what he'd do. His reputation as a negative locker room presence could really harm his chances of getting onto a decent roster. Normally a player of his level would get a lot of interest at this stage of his career to be on a contending team if he was sound. He'd be there to rebound and be a defensive anchor with scoring being a bonus but I don't see many teams ever reaching out to him.

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