Lionel Hollins and Grizz Part Ways

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Lionel Hollins and Grizz Part Ways

Apologies if this has been posted....but what direction do the Grizz take from here? Does this also mean Z-Bo gets gone? Getting rid of Hollins is somewhat of a shock to me.

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Lionel Hollins did a great

Lionel Hollins did a great job of managing that team..He knew exactly what buttons to use to motivate the players...

But It Doesn't Shock me they didnt keep him....Hollins was a Lame Duck coach the moment the new owners took over..Despite being the best coach in the history of the team and taking them to the Western Conference Finals....Hollins said after Rudy Gay was traded that his days their were Numbered....And he was right...

Hiring the assistant as the head coach,keeping Z Bo and bringing back Tony Allen will make everyone feel at ease a little....Losing Hollins is going to hurt...But These guys are almost like the Celtics,despite everything that goes on, they are warriors and competitors....

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they will suck for 5 years now, just like their normal cycle

The franchise has been one of the most inconsistent in the league. They had several years as a playoff team, then lost Pau Gasol and the boys, sucked, built it up, now they will suck again. I hope Marc Gasol can find a way out.

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The buzz is that Dave Joerger

The buzz is that Dave Joerger will be the next head coach. He is currently our defensive assistant coach and has implemented our defensive systems. Tony Allen is a fan of him, even giving him credit during interviews.

We might sign him by the end of the week, according to rumors but nothing is concrete.

My "sources" still think we will try to trade Zach Randolph.

We aren't a big market team. Our owners aren't THAT rich, just your "average" billionaire. The new CBA and salary cap will force average salaries down. Middle class vets aren't going to get PAID like they used to.

I think we should build a team like the Spurs. Our main two guys (who the owners immediately met with) are Marc Gasol and Mike Conley. Hopefully they can be like our Duncan and Parker. I think we keep Tony Allen. Fans are already kind of pissed about not resigning Lionel. If we trade Z Bo AND let Tony Allen walk there could be a lot of backlash.

John Hollinger who is part of our management brass now likes Jon Leuer (or at least more than Hollins did) and the new owners wanted Hollins to play Ed Davis and Tony Wroten more. So, look for those three to be more of a part of our team.

It also looks like Jerryd Bayless is going to look around for the best offer. I don't blame him. If he can get paid, he should get paid.

I think we will try to move Tayshaun Prince and Darrell Arthur -- if they have any value.

What I would do is trade Z Bo and Darrell Arthur for Pau Gasol and a draft pick. We get to pair Marc with his brother, giving us two versatile 7 footers who can pass and also block shots. Then we have another draft pick (48th pick from the Lakers) to get young talent. Pau Gasol makes more money so we can send them Darrell Arthur in order to take on less money. (We would save half a million).

Then try to trade Tayshaun Prince. He is making around $7 million a year. If we can't trade him in the offseason then we should see if he gets healthier. If he doesn't we should try to trade him at the deadline. If we could get an expiring contract and a late first round pick for him that would be great. Worst case, Tay Prince is a solid veteran presence off the bench for us next year.

Then in the draft we have 4 picks (41, 48 from LA, 55, and 60). So get some bigs, shooters, and wing guys. I would get Mike Muscala at 41, Peyton Siva at 48, Seth Curry at 55, and DJ Stephens at 60. You get a solid backup big man in Muscala, a speedy backup point guard in Siva, a shooter off the bench in Curry (great to team with Tony Wroten and also a Jerryd Bayless replacement), and DJ Stephens as a high energy defender and finisher.

Then I would sign Jerome Jordan as a free agent. He can block shots and he is really long (and decently athletic). He did well for us in the exhibition season last year and had great chemistry with Tony Wroten. Also sign Chris Johnson who shot really well for us last year.

Resign Tony Allen.

Grizzlies Starters:

PG Mike Conley
SG Tony Allen
SF Quincy Pondexter
PF Pau Gasol
C Marc Gasol


PG Tony Wroten
SG Seth Curry
SF Tayshaun Prince or veteran with MLE
PF Ed Davis
C Jon Leuer


PG Peyton Siva
SG Chris Johnson
SF DJ Stephens
C Mike Muscala
C Jerome Jordan

This team has a good two man punch in Marc and Conley, a great third option in Pau, defense with Tony Allen and some younger shooters and role players (Q Pon, Seth Curry, Ed Davis, Muscala, Siva, Tony Wroten, Leuer, etc.), and Tay Prince as the honorary veteran off the bench.

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Pau isn't a PF anymore, he is

Pau isn't a PF anymore, he is too slow to defend PF


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Why trade tayshaun when he worked out for well for them?

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^^^^ I am fine either way.


I am fine either way. With Z Bo. Or with someone else.

I think we should go after Tyreke Evans. Not an outside shooter, but he can score, get to the basket and handle the ball.

Conley, Tyreke Evans, Quincy Pondexter, Z Bo (or Pau Gasol), and Marc Gasol would be an interesting starting five. I would use Tony Allen as an energy guy off the bench. Same with Prince if we keep him. Ed Davis and Jon Leuer should be given more minutes inside. Tony Wroten also needs more playing time. He has potential.

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