LeBron's role 10 years from now

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LeBron's role 10 years from now

10 years from now LeBron will be in his mid 30s. I'm sure his 6'8'' 250+ lb. frame will eventually slow down. With LeBron being so big in his 30s, I don't see him playing the wing once he slows down. I see him playing 1 of 2 roles once he starts to age, he will either move to the PF position or either take on an ala Anthony Mason type role as a Point Forward, because he has to have the ball in his hands to be effective. I think LeBron will be a good Point Forward if he were to take on the position, because he played some PG his rookie year in Cleveland under Paul Silas. If LeBron can learn to not chuck everything up, when he reaches that stage of his career he'll be the ideal definition of a Point Forward with ideal size. LeBron may prove me wrong, but I don't see him being as athletic when he reaches his mid 30s.

What do you all think about LeBron as a Point Forward or PF 10 years from now?

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Is he not a point forward

Is he not a point forward now?

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Yeah what do you mean? He is

Yeah what do you mean? He is Miami's point guard right now, he leads that team in assists and bring the ball up the court more then any other play on that team especially in crunch time.

And when Lebron slows down he is going to have about the same type of speed somebody like Anthony got.

Plus when Lebron get's older I don't think he is going to carry as much weight, I can see him trimming down and playing at about 240 as compared to the 260 he plays at now.

When Lebron get's older he is going to look like a carbon copy of Magic Johnson, and outherworldy skilled forward who is going to be racking up assists, and triple doubles by not looking for his shot as often.

This is obviously going to depend on who his teamates are.

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10 years from now I think he

10 years from now I think he might be retired or finishing up his career.how many guys play 18 years in any sport. I think people forget he's 26 and has been playing in the NBA since he was 18 or 19.

Kobe is in his 15th year but he didn't play much his 1st 2 years and in he's missed 15 games or more in 5 years.

Also Kobe is more of a finesse player and has been for the past couple years. Each year his scoring avg. and mins have dropped as well and obviously he's a lot smaller than Lebron.

Lebron has played in almost every game and obviously been the focal point of the team.

If he's still playing he definately won't be as quick and do some of the things he does so well on the court.

I know he's a great athlete and in great shape but to play at around 260 over a long period of time will be tough.

Look at players who are around 35 or older and look at how much they've slowed down KG, Duncan, Shaq, Kidd come to mind.

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Will it be tough? I would

Will it be tough? I would think itd be tough to jump 40 inches and be one of the fastest players in the NBA at 260. He's a durable and well constructed as anyone, so why won't he be able to hold that weight? He seems built for it. He wont be as fast, or explosive, but his strength will continue to set him apart.

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in ten years hes gnna be

in ten years hes gnna be 36

of course hes not gnna have near the same explosiveness in 2021

by that time hes gnna be an 18 year nba vet

look at whats happenin to kobe and look at what happened to mj

no matter how athetlic u are, everybody slows down

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