Lebron taking a shot at Rose?

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Lebron taking a shot at Rose?

Anybody catch Lebrons post game interview? Craig Sager (in the most hideous suit ever worn on television, I mean it) asked him about how Derrick Rose went 2/14 in the 4th Q and OT with him guarding him, and the first thing out of his mouth, with a big smile on his face, was "Well the MVP is very fast and difficult to guard" Or something like that. But you could tell he was sarcastically calling Rose MVP.

My friend who doesnt even watch much basketball pointed this out and I really believe it. I had mentioned how well Lebron was guarding Rose, and she said, " It looks like hes scared of him". And it did. If you watch that 4th quarter, Rose played scared of Lebron.

Rose is a great player, and I love his potential and leadership, but he is still one dimensional. If he can't attack the rim, he is easy to nuetralize. When he is stricly a jump shooter, he is inconsistent at best. The point has been made about Rose and Westbrook, and while they have so much great ball ahead of them, and their early accomplishments are worth noting, this is a mans game and at the highest level, grown men like Jason Kidd, Dirk, Wade, Lebron, Haslem, are going to get it done more often than not against the talented young pups like Rose, Westbrook, and Durant.

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I dont think Lebron was being

I dont think Lebron was being sarcastic....Lebron is not as bad a guy as people make him out to be sometimes. First off, Lebron respects Rose. Secondly, Lebron knew that Rose would get MVP over him. Third, Lebron knows that Rose is deserving of the MVP. You take Lebron from the Heat, obviously they are not as good, but Bosh would put up bigger numbers and they would have brought in some other good players to surround the "big 2". The Heat would still be a playoff team. Without Rose, what are the Bulls? Absolutely nothing.

Rose is not afraid of anyone, he didnt get to be the MVP by being afraid of challenges. To say Rose is one dimensional....I cant agree with that either. I know MVP's usually dont get Most Improved, but Rose is MUCH better now than he was last year.

Finally, yeah, the pups are young, but at 21-22 years old, these guys are basically dominating. They really are in the same class with the guys you mentioned. Its just that their skill level has not caught up with their immense talent. Rose, Westbrook, Durant...these are some of the most unique players to ever enter the league.

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