LeBron James is going to New York Post and tell me what u think!

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LeBron James is going to New York Post and tell me what u think!

Game 6...Over. Cleveland's season is over. LeBron James is going to play 1 more season in Cleveland as he prepares to go to the Knicks.

I think the series open up LeBron's eyes ( thats why he walked off the court last night upset) and showed how good his team is. He needed a Trip-Doub to keep his team alive in game 5. He has no true #2 player with him. Lebron is Cleveland's "sun" player. The other players on the cavs ( Williams, West, Verijo, Big Z) are only hot when lebron is shining. And when LBJ is cold, they are cold and almost non-existing.

It doesnt get better. Who wants to play in Cleveland? The city is not the worst, but its not the greatest. The Knicks however, are waiting for his arrival.

Compare rosters Cleveland and New York...and take LBJ off Cleveland's roster. With out Lebron, Cleveland wins 25 games. The knicks won 32 games and are on the upswing.

If the Knicks could win 40 games this season, have a couple of guys shine ( Dino Gallinari, Stephen Curry and David Lee) and in the offseason they add a good player with this team ( Stoudemire, Bosh, Wade, Dirk, Pierce) Lebron James is going to be a New York Knick.

Agree? Disagree? Tell me your thoughts.

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