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I keep reading all of this talk about the Wizards and NY being interested in Steph Curry. I could see this as a FO ploy to get NY to trade up with us. I really don't want Curry on this team. I think he's the second-coming of Adam Morrison. I simply don't think his game with translate to the NBA. I could be wrong, but I just have a bad feeling about drafting him.

But if NY wants him, I say trade down with them. As far as who I'd want back in a deal with NY, Wilson Chandler might be at the top of my list. Of course we'd all like David Lee. I don't see those two getting dealt for anything we might offer.

But why not Larry Hughes? If you could swap Larry Hughes for Mike James and Etan Thomas, I think you have to do that.

Larry Hughes -- $13,655,268


Mike James -- $6,466,600
Etan Thomas -- $7,354,500

No blockbuster. We only drop a few spots and since we don't have a clear-cut idea who to take at five, I don't see three spots as a big deal. At #8, we still might find Evans, DeRozan, Henderson, and who knows, maybe even Harden.

PG Arenas/Crittenton
SG Hughes/Young/Stevenson
SF Butler/McGuire
PF Jamison/Blatche/Songaila
C Haywood/McGee

I think this is a very realistic offer and more likely than an Amare or Bosh deal. Perhaps better for the Wiz, too.

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I dont know, if Haywood goes

I dont know, if Haywood goes down again, I dont want Mcgee being my only option available. that guy is not panning out. hes got some raw ability, but its not premier ability. We need to make a solid decision of what to do in this years draft, because weve been making some illadvised decisions as far as moving players and drafting the past two years. Dominic Mcguire is my favorite pick over the past two years, thats not a great thing. i think hughes still has it but, hes not a solution for the wizards. we need more than him if we want to make strides towards the 'ship. Hes pratically identical to deshwan, but he def would start over deshawn.

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