Lakers Vs Magic

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Lakers Vs Magic

I really believe the Orlando Magic can beat Los Angles Lakers. No one can possible guard Dwight Howard also who is going to guard Rashard Lewis and Hedo Turkoglu. Kobe will be under sized guarding them.

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I believe...

they match up better than Cleveland. They have Ariza & Odom who will prolly rotate back and forth between the two. Not to mention, Kobe is taller than Delonte and a better defender too (West seemed to guard Hedo most of the series). It should be a great series. The Lakers should go to Pau early to establish him, and not let him shy away like last years finals. Anyone see Bynum being in foul trouble all series, despite little minutes? I DO!

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my only concern

My only concern for my lakers is how Pau is gonna match up defensively. He can't gaurd Lewis or Howard. Odom is a great matchup for Lewis and Bynum will get the most minutes on Howard assuming he stays out of foul trouble. If Pau gaurds Lewis, then he will have to punish him on the offensive end, something the Cavs were unable to take advantage of. If he gaurds Howard, then the Lakers will have to double team which leaves the shooters open.

With that being said, I still think the Lakers are playing determined after what happened last year. They will beat the Magic and then I can hear eveyone shutup about Kobe not winning a title without Shaq.

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i also

i also have been thinkin about where pau gasol will be effective in this game becus of the mismatches the magic present but knowing phil jackson and kobe they will think of some way that none of us have thought of stop the magic. and as for kobe guarding hedo. kobe is a lock down defender. there should be no question canhe guard hedo becuz his foot speed is too good and he is strong whether he looks like it or not. the final product will be kobe holding up the trophy and all the kobe haters will have to shut the hell up until next season(dont be suprised if pau somehow gets finals mvp)

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Cleveland Cavaliers

Delonte West is a really good source of 3-pointers and steals, and a sneaky source of rebounds and assists, too. Another athlete has been busted on weapons charges, as Delonte West has been arrested for two (2) pistols AND a shotgun. He was pulled over, driving a 3 wheeled motorcycle (riding a TRIKE? Not very manly), and told the officer that he had a handgun. Later, it turned out he was packing serious heat. HE currently plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and formerly the Boston Celtics and those sold out punks now in Oklahoma that should be shot from a cannon, the Seattle Supersonics. Even more shocking is that this guy was allowed to go to college. (What a moron.) A low rate personal loan for Delonte West might get him a lawyer, but it doesn’t fix stupid.

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