Lakers season

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Lakers season

I noticed that the Lakers apart from getting back to .500 again last night, overcame another double digit deficit. That is about 4 or 5 they have overcome this season, so is the team getting back into form and going to be a dangerous 7th or 8th seed or are they struggling so much that they are having to battle this hard just to win games?

If we take away the games they have overcome these deficits they would be say 26-31 and if some had gone the other way you are looking at maybe being 6 or 7 games back. Is Kobe leading them into form or is he litterally having to score 40 points per game just to keep them in contention?

Would teams like OKC and say the Spurs rather not face the Lakers in the first round or would they back themselves to win and perhaps more importantly not be the sort of team to surrender say a 10 plus point lead in the final quarter.

The Lakers will still need a big effort to make the play offs aas apart from being who they are, other play off teams will surely want to try and put them out of the picture if they can to eliminate that dangerous wildcard factor.

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the Lakers struggled to raise to the level of Mediocre, only way for this team to save face, is to win the championship, I do not Believe!

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IF the Lakers can even get

IF the Lakers can even get into the playoffs then I still think the Spurs or Thunder will sweep them. The Lakers just aren't a very good team right now. Dwights not healthy and is playing horrible. Gasol is still watching from the bench. The Lakers look scary on paper, but I don't think the Spurs or Thunder care to face them in the first round.

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Also the 2nd unit of the

Also the 2nd unit of the Spurs or Thunder, would take apart the Lakers bench. Lakers have just an awful bench there is no player on that bench who can contribute at a high level, Earl Clark and Jordan Hill were ok, but now Clark starts and Hill is injured

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