Lakers @ Pacers

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Lakers @ Pacers

I just got back from the game. Kobe only played 12 minutes, so I was sh*tty I didn't flip my tickets for almost double what they were worth. Oh well.

The Pacers were disappointing... Even at the defensive end.

Paul George continues to settle for the jump shot. 10 three-pointers and 5 free-throw attempts. Not acceptable. He's a very good athlete, but lacks the first step to consistently get into the lane. Rare bad game offensively for David West. Have to give Ron Artest credit for banging with a guy not too many can bang with. He really struggled tonight defending stretch forwards too. Danny Granger needs to get healthy. His ability to play the four gives the Pacers a little more versatility. Other than George Hill, everybody else played like bums. Lance Stephenson is going to be a good player, but needs to learn to control his game and become a more consistent shooter.

Pacers offense is just garbage and that's on Coach Vogel. Took 21 more FG's than the Lakers and lost. 27 three-pointers and 9 free-throws. Bench is garbage.

Dwight... BEAST. It's amazing how strong and athletic he is despite the fact he's coming off of back surgery. Roy Hibbert was getting punked. This was my first time seeing Dwight in person and I was impressed. He passed the ball well out of the doubles. He needs more touches. I think he's better on the left block than he is on the right.

With Kobe out, Steve Nash was a lot more aggressive and decisive. The Lakers need him to be this way consistently.

Lakers need to find away to play this way even with Kobe. The ball moved better and I really liked what Steve Blake and Antawn Jamison did tonight.

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I'm a Lance fan but he drove

I'm a Lance fan but he drove me nuts tonight with his 5 TOs. He just gets his mind set on something and doesn't react to the defense sometimes. And you're right Hibbert did get punked. He played awful.

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Hard loss for the Pacers.

Hard loss for the Pacers. Can't lose to this team, at home, with Kobe playing limited (and bad) minutes. I just don't think they have enough offense to seriously beat the Heat. There starting unit is so fluid and good, but they don't have a crunch time scorer who is that dangerous, and they don't really have a bench with anyone all that good on it. They really need to look into Ellis, or JR Smith, or a guy like that this offseason who can give them some scoring.

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Hibbert and West

Man what was going on with West and Hibbert. West had been on a tear lately and Hibbert had recently picked it up too. The game looked very physical on TV. It looked like Dwight and Roy were really banging. How did it look actually being at the game.

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the lakers are suddenly

the lakers are suddenly relevant again.

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This Pacers team can really

This Pacers team can really look great one night and horrible the next. Paul George has another step to take and it is called consistency.

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