Lakers (no James or Rondo)

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Lakers (no James or Rondo)

LA is playing some impressive basketball in Sacramento without their two leaders. Kuzma has 23 at half, Ingram with 16 and Ball has 11 points and 8 assists with some good defence. The mentality of this team has changed completely thanks to the vets which includes Chandler and Mcgee. This team is going to be absolutely scary during Lebrons tenure here.

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Some unnamed player hit a game winning 3.

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Lock of all locks that Bojan

Lock of all locks that Bojan goes off tonight to match him.

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Lonzo looked special.

Lonzo looked special.

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The lakers look better

Personally this game showed how much Lebron alters or Walton is using Lonzo's game right...

He looked agressive,got to handle the ball alot,Shot the ball well and even played a lot of minutes which IMO he should have been doing already not this 22-28 minute rubbish Walton is doing with him. As that is sacraficing later for right now which is stupid...

I hate to say this I almost hope Lonzo gets either traded to the Suns to play with Booker and Ayton or Ingram and Ball get traded to NOLA for A.D and they hit reset and get the best SG to pair with them like a Klay,Beal,Khris Middleton,Booker or maybe even a K.D lol..

Not hating on Lebron more so saying this game sort of showed how Lonzo is being under utilized...

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Was expecting more from

Was expecting more from Ingram. It looks like the Kings really worked to shut him down. Ball and Kuzma were what made them almost win. Ingram still got 22 points, but it was a heavily labored 8 for 19 night. He still needs strength. Seems like Buddy Hield was pushing him around. That shouldn’t be. I’d expect him to be rollling in the next few weeks.

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well if the lakers are going

well if the lakers are going to shop some of their young core, the timing of injuries couldn't be better for showcasing value. i will say zubac has looked great the last few games, kuzma has been solid all year and ball looked like a young jason kidd last night. ingram continues to look like he's on the andrew wiggins' career path. will look like a superstar one game and then disappear for a few.

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