Lakers next move!

We all know that the Lakers got donkey punched by David Stern this year with the rejection of the Chris paul trade. That was just the beginning of the disfunctional pot being stirred by Missing Lamar and Gasol giving up on the team. Not to mention that Kobe obviously forgot to pass the torch to his sucuccessor Andrew Bynum so that he could lead the team in a new direction. I just read that the Lakers are going to trade Gasol back to Memphis for Rudy Gay.This would give The Lakers a great scorer and wing defender but what are they going to do for a point guard and power forward? Is trading Gasol for Rudy a even trade? What moves do you think the Lakers will make to get back to playoof form?

I say if they get Rudy they have to get a unselfish Power forward like Kris humphries who is a double double machine. If they have the money they need to pick up Ray felton. I know he got a bad rep this year but portland had alot of turmoil after paying Greg oden another year paying and losing roy this year. Hell in defense of Felton they even fired Nate as the coach this year so dont take anybody word in portland.

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Do it!

Rudy Gay would be nice on the Lakers! xD

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