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Maybe this has been brought up, but the Lakers could be in an interesting situation this year if they get a top two pick. Since Ball and Fultz seem to be the concensus top 2, and the Lakers have two very promising PGs in Russell and Clarkson. Whats the best route of action? Draft another forward? Trade one? Or keep both and draft one of the two and pull a Hinkie?

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The Lakers are one of the

The Lakers are one of the worst teams in the NBA so they must draft whoever they think is the best player available. Neither Russell nor Clarkson have superstar potential, like Ball or Fultz, and both players are capable of moving over to SG. I think the dream scenarion is for the Lakers to draft Ball. I don't think other forwards (Tatum, Jackson, and Isaac) have as much upside.

If the Lakers' pick falls outside the top 3, it'd be a nightmare for the franchise and a dream for the Sixers. Magic Johnson would have to sit through another horrid season which I doubt would attract a superstar anytime soon.

Can anybody clear up what happens to the 2018 and 2019 Lakers picks for if they keep the pick and for if they lose it? I know this year is top 3 protected but after that it gets confusing.

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Draft Picks

Pretty much if Lakers keep the pick this year then this years second and next years second goes to Orlando and we keep the 2019 first rounder. For 76ers side if we keep the pick then 2018 pick is unproctected.

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Lakers need the best player available, its true they could draft a point and have Russell move to the 2. Josh Jackson has massive upside to, Ingram is struggling and Randle is way to inconsistent and undersized at the 4. Keeping this pick is huge for the Lakers to speed up the rebuilding process, if they lose the pick it could set them back even more

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I think they gotta draft ball, there were such high hopes for Russell but I think everyone agrees its time to go in another direction.

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Another direction? Russell is

Another direction? Russell is great every time he runs the ball up the court aggressively on offensive. He's doing better since Lou Williams was traded. He's only on his 2nd season. He's right on track.

As for the draft, they'd love a top center prospect. But there isn't one top 3 this year, or even close. So, I say Joe Johnson or Lonzo Ball. You can tell from the Lakers picking up Mwaba that Walton really wishes they had a defensive stopper like Johnson. Johnson could play SG next to Ingram and if they ever got a defensive center, they'd be in great defensively. God knows Russell, Clarkson, and Randle might always be substandard on D. But that team wouldn't be very good from 3.

I think today you need to kill it from 3. Lonzo Ball could help with that. I think he could be the offensive #1 go-to guy. He's a gamer. He's a bigger talent than Russell. He, Russell, and Ingram, in a few years, will really be knocking it down. But Russell would have to play some 2 and that won't help his frequent disengagement.

There's no one player that'll fix everything. They need a center too. And the Mavs will give Noel a max contract when he's the only young center who'll be a free agent worth signing.

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BPA and give D'Lo another

BPA and give D'Lo another year to go to see if he breaks out otherwise trade him to a team in his 4th year that wants to give him a big contract. Mozgov and Deng in the books for 34 mil and they are going to pursue a big free agent in 2018, they ain't gonna give D'Lo the deal he wants.

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I'm actually hoping we lose the pick this year

We'll tank one more year & I know it will be torture. But I truly believe Michael Porter & especially DeAndre Ayton are Super Star caliber & better than Anyone in the 2017 Draft.

Paul George will sign w/ us after the 2017/18' season & we can Draft Ayton & Pow! Now we cookin wit chicken grease!

Plus I think it would be kind of Hysterical if Phila gets our pick this year b/c we all Know they will draft Harry Giles

a Center w/ 3 ACL surgeries

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Now I see why you keep making all these false sixers reports, your a bitter lakers fan that's mad we "fleeced" y'all!

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Except the Sixers did not

fleece the Lakers. They fleeced the Suns who gave it up to acquire Brandon Knight from MIL (with the Sixers sending MCW to MIL). This might be the best trade of the Hinkie era.

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Come on Negg I have been Very honest about my anger

w/ the Sixers slimy new GM.

But I have also smashed my Lakers front office.

And I have complimented the previous Sixers GM Hinkie who I felt had no other choice but to do what he did b/c our FO fleeced that dummy Doug Collins with the Andrew Bynum deal

And I have Never criticized Sixers fans - who I feel are some of the most passionate & knowledgable fans in the NBA - I defend u guys & Hinkie often b/c I believe many - not all - buit a lot of the critics are jealous

and yes I can admit I am one of the Jelly lol ;)

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Bad again?

So you want the Lakers to suck again next year? I don't understand some Lakers fans.

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The Lakers have three good

The Lakers have three good starters in Russell, Ingram and Randle.

Kids were absolutely creaming their pants at the thought of drafting Russell or Ingram, now since they are not instant all-stars a few fans are impatient or want to replace them. They will both still develop to be good players - they just need time to develop...

They also have zubac so that's potentially 4 starters right there

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Walton seems committed to

Walton seems committed to bringing Clarkson off the bench in a Lou Williams type role. With that being said, I don't think drafting another guard is completely out of the question. I still think fultz is the safe pick and the guy with the least question marks. You could play him with Russell at the one or the two and I think that has the potential to be a pretty devestating backcourt with Clarkson off the bench. Defense could be a question mark though.

Jackson would be my second choice because of defensive potential ( something that is sorely lacking on their roster right now). His skill set kind of overlaps with Ingram but I think he has too much potential to pass up.

Ball would be my third choice. I have question marks about how his game will translate and I don't think he would be a good fit anywhere. However, for the vision that Walton seems to have for this team, I think he could be an excellent fit and really thrive. It would be contingent on Russell moving to the 2 full-time though (which I think could work). Defense could really be a problem though, especially with the absence of a true rim protector to cover up mistakes.

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