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The lakers got some problems right now. Obviously not too worried since its so early and these are clse games. But here's what im seeing wrong.
derek fisher. He is giving them nothing. He got lit up by conley yesterday. Tonight he shot 2-9 for 5 points. In the final 3 minutes of the game he lost battier on a switch giving up a wide open 3, he committed a silly foul on battier who was being well gaurded by odom on a 3 point attempt by reahcing in and giving him 3 ft's. He got beat by lowry off the dribble in a one on one situation which made barnes help and leave battier open for another corner 3. He passed up a wide open 3 with 2 seconds left on the clock and tried to drive and it led to a shot clock violation. That was all in just the last 3 minutes. I know he picks it up in th epalyoffs, but much like last season, it is pretty much 4 on 5 when hes out there during the regualr season.iPad Transfer
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Pau played horrible. They went to him a couple times in the final 5 minutes and he got d'd up by jordan hill in straight up one on one situations. He finished 2-8 after going 5-13 last night. He has got out played by jordan hill. In recent weeks, he has allowed both roy hibbert and darko milicic to torch him.
Overall team defense. They arent getting it done as a team.

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