Kyrie to Pistons

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Kyrie to Pistons

Hear me out, none of the teams on Kyrie's wishlist can or will give the Cavs good compensation. Also, they aren't going to strike up a trade with mega asset teams like Boston, because they are looking to win now and don't want to create more competition.

With all the proposed movement in Detroit, I think a good trade would be Reggie Jackson Andre Drummond and Luke kennard for Kyrie and shumpert and maybe a pick.

Cavs get win now players a good starting point guard

And Kyrie would definitely be the focal point of the new look pistons

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I like the fit and need of adding Drummond and Kennard to the Celtics. IMO Kyrie would achieve Endorsements on a Mega Level by moving to Detroit, which he would be a big considerations long term.

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