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Kyle Singler

He is the ugliest player in College Basketball but is the hardest working player.
Agree or Disagree?

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He certainly won't win any beauty contests, but I think he is better looking than BJ Mullens. I don't think he is the hardest working player.
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I don't know about this my

I don't know about this my man.....
Singler is skilled...not the hardest working...he may not even be the hardest working player on his own team (Lance Thomas).

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Interesting topic

I don't now how this has any relevance to anything, but there are much worse looking players than Singler....Singler just comes to mind because Duke is on national t.v. so often. He actually looks better with the shaggy hair he had in high school, which is a rarity with most guys. Hardest working is difficult to gauge; a player can be a hustle guy on the court, but have a terrible work ethic off the court. You could definitely make an argument that he's the most versatile player in college basketball. Grow out your flow Kyle.

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Singler is a stud (on and

Singler is a stud (on and off the court)...

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