Kyle Lowry Trade Ideas

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Kyle Lowry Trade Ideas

Looks like Knicks are interested and I've heard Nets and Warriors also in on it.

- Knicks - sounds like Felton + player X. Can't be a pick unless its 2018 or later and Marc Stein mentioned Hardaway Jr. Shump has also been on the block and could work in a trade. Both Hardaway and Shump are good young players but also play the same position as Ross and Derozan. Also Felton will probably just turn into the first 300 lb PG and keep gettin dem checks (great for tanking tho!)

- Nets have little and I imagine Terry would be the contract coming back to match Lowry, which would be ok with only another year after this one. Plumlee would be interesting and a younger replacement for Amir if Raps trade him. Bogdanovic might interest Raps but not sure if Brooklyn would want to move him for a rental player given their cap problems.

- I don't really see how the Warriors play into this. I guess Lowry could replicate Jack's role from last year but will the minutes be there? Who do they trade to match salary (theyve got 4 making 9M + and rest on low end or rookie deals. I don't see them getting rid of Barnes for an asset that might leave at the end of the year and would expect to see Lee go first.

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