kris humphries prediction for next season?

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kris humphries prediction for next season?

what will the booty call with kim bring for next season:

1)Invigorate him with a monster season 13 ppg 12.5 rpg 2 bpg ?

2)she will wear him out and send him back to the bench averaging only 5 ppg 6 rpg ?

3)she will want back in lala land and demand jayz to trade her hubby to the lakeshow for a lamar odom package, and see how he and khloe like the brutal ny winters ?

any others?

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well last time kim had a big time star for a bf

reggie won a super bowl while tappinn that ghetto booty lol not saying kris hump is a big time star but kims hitting 50 50 on her athelte bfs miles austin couldnt handle her lol

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So my first thought was he'd be an all star, then I thought if you imagine what it does for the guys that don't marry them, how much better should he be. Lamar Odom married one of them and nearly made the All Star team after all these years. I'm going withborderline all star though since that is the safest bet based on history. Reggie stopped dating Kim ended up hurt all year and NO drafted a new Heisman back. Remember Rashard McCants. Odoms wife was with him when he was in the league and last I heard he wasn't playing in the NBA. So based on that history if he can stay married to her for at least as long as his playing career is going he will be in good shape.

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My prediction

They'll be un-engaged or divorced by the time next season starts. I've seen Kris at the gym before (I went to his rival HS), and he looks like the biggest douchecanoe in the world. He had his entourage of like 7 people, and he wouldn't let anybody go within 25 feet of him at the Lifetime fitness I saw him at. The dude's got an unreal sense of entitlement for a guy that's kind of a scrub in the NBA.

As for next season, he'll go back to being garbage- this was a prototypical contract season, and you can expect he'll come back down to his very mediocre self next year.

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(in all seriousness) it

(in all seriousness)

it depends if the nets bring in a starting power forward via trade or free agency. if he gets his same minutes we can expect a similar season and he can keep enjoying kims booty.

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my prediction is he will have

my prediction is he will have a reality show

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Last year I dont think he

Last year I dont think he improved all that much, just for the first time in his career was getting legit NBA playtime, and took advantage of it in a contract year...

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