Kostas Antetokounmpo cancels all workouts - why?

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Kostas Antetokounmpo cancels all workouts - why?


The baby brother of the Greek Freak is staying in - and has cancelled all workouts. Why?

Usually that would indicate a first round promise - which at first glance, seems unlikely for Kostas from a talent perspective. However...

...what if the promise he has received is from the Bucks?

Think about it for a second. The Bucks have shown in recent years (not just Giannis) that they're happy to swing for the fences with their picks (Thon Maker at #10, reaching for DJ Wilson at #16). They've developed a player very similar to Kostas (his brother) to an all-NBA level. And on a more cynical, but far more pragmatic note - given the difficulties of keeping superstars in small markets, and with such a tight family, how would signing Kostas help the Bucks to resign Giannis...?

It's a theory...!

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It will be unprofessional and

It will be unprofessional and a spit in the face of fans, this is not a way to run a sport business...

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Doubt the Bucks gave him a

Doubt the Bucks gave him a promise with the 17th pick..Maybe he has a late 1st or early 2nd round pick..I could see Atlanta giving him a promise early 2nd round.

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He may in fact, be this

He may in fact, be this year’s Bruno Caboclo.

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The guy spent two years in College, red shirted his first year at Dayton. Then averaged 5 points and 3 rebounds at 20 years old. If a GM takes him in first round he should be fired. He most likely got a 2nd round promise and he feels that team is a good fit. He's already worked out for a ton of teams, unlike a Robinson. He's a mid to late second round pick.


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This kid should go undrafted.

This kid should go undrafted. He's a less than mediocre college player yet expects to make the NBA. Unreal.

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Virtually no one is ready as

Virtually no one is ready as a rookie. You'll get ten contributors give or take on average. Its not a major surprise teams are resorting to drafting based on DNA. He is very long, fluid and has his head screwed on straight. If a team is not sure on who they want and willing to roll the dice, it may as well try find another Greek freak

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He will not be drafted

Being drafted would be the worst thing that could happen to him. I don't think he will be drafted. No GM worth his job would ever draft a kid who could not average double figure anything at Dayton. In any round. The best thing that could happen for him is he is not drafted, he signs a two-way deal with a franchise who sees some potential in him, and then he gets minutes and heavy coaching in the Gleague.

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He'll definitely get drafted, if for no other reason than he's Greek Freak's bro. Outside of that, he's a somewhat intriguing prospect on his own, if you're taking a flyer on him in the mid or late 2nd rd. He doesn't have nearly the same skill level as his bro when he came into the league, which is actually saying a lot about how low Kostas skill level is at this point.

But he could become a useful bench big in time, he reminds me a lot of Keon Clark

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