kobi is a very old 34

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kobi is a very old 34

Jordan at 34 led the league in scoring for the ninth time and beat NBA MVP Karl Malone in the Finals 4-2 under Phil, and he was named Finals MVP for the fifth time in 1996-97. They went an amazing 69-13. Kobe averaged 7.6 points in this season as a rookie.

Regular season plus playoffs: 101 games, 3,910 minutes, 3,021 points, 29.9 ppg, 6.3 rpg, 4.4 apg, and 1.7 spg.

The Lakers' new leader, Nash, at 35, led a bunch of gawdawful scrubs to the WCF.

kobi at 33? Swept by Dirk in the 2nd round.
kobi at 34? Swept by Durant also in the 2nd round. (The Lakers won 1 game but everybody knows it was a gentleman's sweep.)

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I negged this as soon as I

I negged this as soon as I saw Kobe being spelled as "Kobi" SMH

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Based on his other post he is a troll on a roll.

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yeah 28 ppg is a real sign of

yeah 28 ppg is a real sign of slowing down!! lololol

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How many times is this dude

How many times is this dude going to miss spell Kobe's name?

1st it was Corby Brian.....Now Kobi...

Total Lakers Hater.....lol

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Never heard of him

Never heard of him

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"The Lakers' new leader,

"The Lakers' new leader, Nash, at 35, led a bunch of gawdawful scrubs to the WCF."

Gawdawful scrubs? That team may have overachieved, but in no way were they scrubs of any kind. Amare was putting up 23 and 9, Nash averaged 17 and 11, J-Rich averaged 16 a game(which increased to 20 ppg come playoff time), Grant Hill averaged 11 a game, same with Channing Frye(this was his breakout season when he became a three point shooter), Barbosa at 10 per game, and Robin Lopez and Jared Dudley at 8 per game. They weren't a powerhosue by any means, but they weren't bad either.

Kobe is not Jordan, he's not as good as Jordan was, but isn't what Kobe's doing amazing in it's own right?

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While this guy is a Troll,

While this guy is a Troll, I'm definitely on the Kobe is old side of this debate. I don't think Kobe did anything that amazing last season. His team made the playoffs. Big deal. He's got a PF that is capable of giving the US Olympic team the business and the second best C in the league. That is a team that is supposed to get to the playoffs no matter who they have playing SG. Yes, Kobe scored a lot of points. He also took way more shots than anyone else in the league despite playing with two potent scorers.

Kobe is still good or at least has the potential to be good. But he takes too many hero ball shots that just don't go in enough anymore. If the presence of Nash and Howard can get him to revamp his game as a smart and savy complementary piece, then he can still be effective. But those nights where he takes 30 shots and only makes 10 of them, those really need to stop.

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kinda right

Well this guy is kinda right that Kobe is an "older" 34 than MJ was, but it's not his fault. When MJ was 34 and going into the season he had played 1107 games after high school (including college, NBA regular season, and NBA post season) and about 39,308 minutes (didn't find minutes for his college games). On the other hand, Kobe has already played 1381 games and 51,018 minutes since high school. This immense amount of playing has a lot of wear and tear on a body and can contribute to his "quicker" "decline" of play.

And what did MJ average when he played over 50,000 minutes??


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I would agree with the fact

I would agree with the fact that in the world of basketball Kobe might be an old 34.. He has played 1161 regular season games in the NBA, that is quite a bit of mileage.. But to say he's washed up is far from the truth..

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No he isn't, MJ was better

No he isn't, MJ was better than Kobe at every age and was a much more explosive athlete. There are many players who were elite and then are scrubs or out of the league by age 34.

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i agree with what tallmannyc

i agree with what tallmannyc said, very true...

but i cracked up when i read "kobe -- has the potential to be good" lol

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to appreciate him

Sometimes you have to imagine that he was not on the team . Session, SG - X, Ron Ron, Pau , Bynum. Where would that team finish in the West Conf. Are they even better than Memphis in this form?

appreciation by subratcion. Hope fully combined with Nash he can find easier ways to score. for longer

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Kobe has hell of a lot of

Kobe has hell of a lot of miles on the clock but is still an elite player and has not slowed down scoring wise as other players may do at that age. Someone like T-Mac who has had injuries has a lot of miles on the clock for a 33 year old and there is this line of thought that players drafted younger perhaps burn out sooner but Kobe is an exception to this rule.

Players will lose a step maybe and so in a lot of cases scoring may drop off but they compensate this with their basketball IQ experience, big guys still have their size and bulk and the backcourt guys still have their shoot. Whereby Kobe would once have used his speed to find space to shoot, now he maybe looks for better shots and better options, gets into better positions to shoot etc

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