Kobe vs Kyrie @all star game?

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Kobe vs Kyrie @all star game?

After watching Kyrie and Knight go at it for a few plays it made me think, will be see this 1 vs 1 at the all star game. Both are opposite conferences' and it is all about the fans, so I think Kobe and Kyrie will have a few 1 on 1s in this game. I know I am not the only one hoping for this, as watching Kobe try to guard Kyrie's dynamic scoring ability will be great to watch.

Do you guys think we will see this? And do you think Kobe will be able to deal with his speed, handles and jumper? Kobe would destory him on his end of the floor, but curious to see Kyrie trying to score on Kobe.

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That play against Knight that

That play against Knight that everyone's been posting is sick, but Kobe is a smart enough defender to avoid being on skates like Knight was. It reminded me of that scene in Glory Road where the guy was doing all these pointless crossovers and ended up getting nowhere when he faced a smart defender.

That said, Kyrie's good enough to score on Kobe. It's just a stretch to say he'd come out looking like the better player.

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Shoutout to knight

I'm a HUGE kyrie irving fan and i was shaking my head at knight when this all began. Youre just asking to have your ankles destroyed and be on every highlight reel if youre going up against irving but knight held is own, at least when he went back at irving when he had the ball. I havent watched enough of knight in detroit but i was under the impression he didnt have the handles but he got by irving more than once. If he plays with that kind of loose attacking mentality, i dont see why he cant succeed as a drive and kick kind of point guard.

either way, was great to see two players just going at it like that, got love when you see guys out there having fun and letting loose but still letting that competitiveness be shown

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ohhh, i just to see somebody

ohhh, i just to see somebody ankle break kobe!, hope its going to be Uncle Drew!

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They when at it when the

They went at it when the Lakers last played the Cav's and Kobe shut him down on like three out of the four one-on-one situations. Twice his D led to a turnover, so Kobe will definitely be down with it. However on an island with no possibility of help D, Kyrie is going to give him one of those Uncle Drew two steps tomorrow.One thing I noticed about Kyrie is that when its obvious he is trying to break somebodies ankles, he does to much and gets tangled up with defenders, but when its just like one or two moves he destroys people.

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To me it is really fun to

To me it is really fun to watch when ever something happens like what happened between kyrie and branden knight. I don't care who does that, it is just fun to see 2 players go 1 on 1 for 2 or 3 straight possessions each because you know that nobody wants to get embarrassed and they both go hard at each other.

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