Kobe still got it.

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Kobe still got it.

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Kobe is a special talent at

Kobe is a special talent at 34 he's averaging 27,5,5.

I have never liked Kobe as a person, I just think he's too cocky and arrogant, but as a basketball player I have nothing but respect for him def one of the greatest of all time.

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If I was one of the greatest players of all time and could take my athletic abilities back about 10 years I'd be cocky and arrogant too.

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his head

whats up with his head it doesn't look right

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That dunk vs Josh Smith last

That dunk vs Josh Smith last night was unbelievable. Really unbelievable. For a 34 year old man in his 17th season to take off... No, make that *explode* off of two feet like that, WITH contact, just in front of the dotted line... That's crazy. Not to mention, he has like zero cartilage behind his kneecap.

He just beat off of the dribble and dunked on one of the more athletic players in the league.

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i say this all the time but

i say this all the time but kobe is a great example of why players need to take care of their bodies and not rely solely on their natural athleticism.

its the lazy ones that have major declines after 30 while guys like kobe still maintain a high level of play

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say what u want about Kobe, but one thing u have to bring up is that he works harder than just about anyone to stay on this level. One thing I paid attention to during the All-Star game is that all of the old vets like KG, Duncan, etc... all told their coaches that they didn't wanna play that much and that the game was more for the young people. I loved that Kobe wasn't down with that, he played the majority of the game and took it upon himself to guard LeBron in the final minutes of the game. Kobe has been the best player of my generation, and it's awesome seeing him still be able to dominate games at an age when most guys start taking a supporting role.

PS. The dunk on J-Smoove was filthy, looked like retro KB8 afro Kobe

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What's the difference between

What's the difference between Vince Carter and Kobe? -sarcasm-

My favorite player in the league right now, the problem is he cant be great game in game out, i feel sometimes its 2 out of every 3, but father time is undefeated.

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Last 5 games: 34.8

Last 5 games: 34.8 ppg...7.2rpg...5.8apg....57%fg, he's been good all season shooting the highest fg% of his career. But these past 5 games have been prime Kobe caliber.

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