Kobe Bryant back to back games with 14 assists, 9 rebounds.

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Kobe Bryant back to back games with 14 assists, 9 rebounds.

I know its only two games, But Kobe Bryant has shot a total of 15 of 22 while averaging 17.5ppg, with an impressive 14 assists and 9 rebounds in each of the last 2 games. During which the Lakers are 2-0, with a good win today against the Thunder.
Pau Gasol is also 14 of 18 shooting averaging 15.5ppg and has looked good over the last 2 of the bench. Its clear L.A. is a much better team with Kobe focused on other aspects of his game besides scoring. It will be really interesting to see if he keeps it up and if he can lead this team to the playoffs.

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The Lakers are 7-14 when Kobe scores 30+

11-11 when he scores -30

Go figure.

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"The statistics support the

"The statistics support the notion that L.A. is better with Kobe passing more than he’s shooting: The Lakers are 13-3 when Kobe Bryant takes 19 or fewer shots in game, and 6-22 when he takes 20 or more shots, according to ESPN Stats and Information."

Even if Kobe is the best scorer in the game, nothing looks sweeter in these last 2 games than watching Kobe collapse a defense and dish to an open teammate for an easy bucket. These assists haven't been the cheapo versions either... I've seen him thread the needle between defenders during some really creative basketball. Improved shot selection aside, the butterfly effect of taking fewer shots, moving the ball and involving teammates changes everything.

If sustainable, the Lakers could be a really good team. Paradoxically, this means Kobe will have to continue playing a role he's never filled before. Its exciting to see if he can keep it up.

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It's funny because I posted

It's funny because I posted yesterday how people need to calm down on the Lakers win and Kobe passing because it was highly unlikely that Kobe was actually going to go on a streak of games where he gets over 10apg. I went on to say tho Kobe is the type to do it just to proof to be people he can.

It's going to be really interesting to see if he keeps this up because I think mostly everybody else and I expect him not too. Kobe's an Old Dog and you know what they say about new tricks.

On another note Nash has only had 7 total assists combined in the last 2 games which isn't a great biproduct. Whoda thunk that through 2 games that Kobe would have 28 assists and Nash would have 7 when they both played big minutes.

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Everybody said that Kobe

Everybody said that Kobe would have to change his game to play with Steve Nash. That was true, but I think it's about that time for Nash to change his. This isn't the Suns. He doesn't need to dominate the ball and average a ton of assists, while his wings stand on the corners. I love the fact the Lakers are using Kobe as a playmaker and Nash is playing off of the ball. Who better to spread the floor out than arguably the best shooter in NBA history? I really think Nash needs to be more aggressive offensively when it comes to shooting the ball.

The Lakers may be onto something. I like the way they've played defensively the last two games. Let's see if they can keep it up.

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the problem

guess we figured out who the problem was! Kobe please go back to trying to win he scoring tittle, it is much better for us Laker Hater when The Lakers SUCK!

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