Knicks v Bobcats

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Knicks v Bobcats

In one of the most entertaining games of the young season, the Knicks beat the Bobcats on a buzzer beating step back 23 ft fadeaway, after going 1-9 through out. This game included a Carmelo lacerated finger diving for a ball with 2ish minutes to go, Cam Newton and MJ chillin in the press box, Kemba Walker and Ben Gordon being unstoppable at times, great defense, and 0 turnovers by the Knicks in the fourth. The Bobcats look to have a really bright future, and with Kemba and MKG leading the charge, they have a pair of legitimate winners and possible All Stars.

PS. I wouldnt feel this excited if the Knicks would have lost.... clearly.

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The knicks didn't win this

The knicks didn't win this its the bobcats who lost this game ! Terrible execution in the last min they had plenty of opportunities but their inexperience in finishing games cost them match! Just one thing that bothered me is why mkg didn't foul jr before he went into shooting motion they had a foul to give (i blame the coach on that)

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Some good statlines...

Tyson Chandler- 18 points and 17 rebounds

Kemba Walker- 25 points and 11 assists

Gerald Henderson- 18 points and 6 rebounds in his first full game back from injury that hasn't allowed him to play all season.

I was in the stands for the game (one of the only ones lol) and it's been a long time since I have been excited about my Bobcats. Hopefully more people start going to the games because it was pretty pathetic showing for the team with the best record in the East coming to town.

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I was there too bro! Gerald

I was there too bro! Gerald Henderson has really improved his ball handling since leaving duke

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I'm still upset over that

I'm still upset over that game changing 5 second inbound call why do I feel like the Knicks would of gotten away with it.

Anyways I really like this Charlotte team. Taking Bob off the jersey and just going with Cats made all the difference. They got a young, fast and intense team. MKG, Taylor and Biyombo give them a ton of defense and King Kemba has found his swag.

If there was a redraft I'd still take MKG over Lillard cuz of his defense and Kembas leadership. mKG was the perfect pick and fit for this organization. Imagine next year if they roll out a lineup of Kemba, Taylor, MKG, Noels and Biyombo. Pathos wouldn't be easy to get against that lineup.

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Knicks Defense

Its starting to revert back to what it really is. It was a good game, too bad about Carmelo's finger. They play the Heat tommorow.

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The Cats are an athletic

The Cats are an athletic squad that really gets after it defensively. But I just wanted to take a moment to discuss the creature that is Biyombo. He looks to be a fantastic shot blocker, this cannot be argued. However, his offensive instincts are absolutely laughable. He has no awareness of where the basket is when he's not facing it. He consistently get stuck behind the hoop and he missed the rim by 4 feet on a reverse layup.

He was one of my favorite prospect in the 2011 draft, so I'm rooting for him. Unfortunately, he has a loonnggg way to go to contribute on offense.

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Yeah, that is sad if you

Yeah, that is sad if you can't sell tickets when the Knicks come to town. Some NBA franchises just have to accept that they have to lower their ticket prices and the price of the food at their game. Makes the stands packed and jumping! Then you will get more fans watching on TV since they enjoyed being at the game. Also it will look more exciting on TV with packed stands and you will get more viewers, which will lead to more TV money, which will make up for the lower ticket prices.

NBA teams should set their prices to SELL. Get folks in the stadium. Even if you lower the beer price by a dollar or so, you fill out that stadium and you will make plenty of money.

And the Bobcats are winning (while having no business doing so). They should be exceeding their management's expectations. And they still can't sell tickets?!?!? Then the price is too damn high.

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@akhan786 thats crazy that

@akhan786 thats crazy that hardly anybody was there to see the Knicks lol. That gives me hope that I can still get tickets for the Lakers game coming up this February. I went to a Bulls vs. Bobcats game last year and that place was packed but people were pissed cuz Derrick Rose was injured around that time and didn't play. Plus they blew the bobcats out by like 40 points so that didn't help either lol

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