Kiwan Smith

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Kiwan Smith

He entered his name in the 08' Draft, but pulled out at the deadline. I dont think he want to a college after that. Anyone know what he is doing now, i couldnt find anything recent on him. He was and active, athletic player when he played.

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Knew nothing of him

This is the best thing I found, guess he was from New York and tore it up in HS. Seems like a solid player, but I guess he had obstacles along the way that lead to him not being in the league as of right now. Read the message board comments, his family apparently wrote some of the things, gets pretty heated.

People always say, "We love it when you hate", but I honestly do not think people hate as much as they say. I think that some people have bad intentions, and those are the people they probably talk about, but I believe a majority of people want great players to succeed. The rest is up to them working hard, be it whatever path they need to go down to reach their goal. When your goal is the NBA, their are a lot of things you need to address, be it academics, conditioning and of course, basketball ability. If you do not go the college route, than your game more than likely has to be out of this world to be drafted, much less eventually make an NBA roster.

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