Kings trade targets?

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Kings trade targets?

With their 1st rounder in Boston and a bit of cap space on hand, it seems almost a given the Kings will try to do something before the deadline...most likely at the SF spot.

I see them making a serious run at Otto Porter. They liked him as a free agent and if they can pull off something like swapping the expiring contracts of Randolph & Koustas to take Porter's big contract off the Wizard's hands, they should probably go for it.

Anyone else got a trade that makes sense for Sac?

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Otto would be an interesting

Otto would be an interesting addition. There's been talk that they could be after Kanter. Who I think is a pretty damn good player. Cody Zeller? Kevin Love?

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I wouldn't trade for Porter if I'm the Kings

I see the fit at a shooting 3&D wing. But the economics are too rich for the Kings to invest in this guy. He is owed a truck load of money.

On just the surface, he's owed 26million this year. Then 27million next year, and a player option for 28million in 2020-2021. That DOES NOT include a 15% trade kicker that Washington has to pay, but still applies to the Kings salary cap.

I like Porter, but his play indicates that he's more of a 16-17million per year player, not a 27million per year player.

I anticipate a supporter of this deal saying Sacramento has a tough enough time getting FA's...... so why not overpay for this guy if the fit is good. I think Sacramento has a good thing going, and shouldn't commit that much financially to a role at this stage.

He needs to play better

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They could well look to make

They could well look to make a move and Otto Porter could be a target. But they might feel with their cap space they can make a run at a good free agent or two. Sac-Town may not be a top FA destination but their money is as good as any other team's and they could look to make a serious run at someone.

I agree that an SF would be their likely target as they have nice prospects in the other positions potentially.

Could they make a run at someone like Khris Middleton and if Jimmy Butler burns many more bridges then he could be off a lot of top teams radar and may need a location.

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I think Kelly Oubre should be

I think Kelly Oubre should be a target in free agency.

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He would be a nice get. As

He would be a nice get.

As for a trade target this season I think Kent Bazemore would be a really nice fit at the starting SF spot. He can do a bit of everything & is a very good defender with a solid 3pt shot.

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I don’t think they should

I don’t think they should make any moves that make them better today that limit the development of their current players. They’re gonna be a lot better in 3 years. A lot. No need to sacrifice the development of Fox, Hield, WCS, Bagley, Giles.

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I dont think going all in on

I dont think going all in on Porter right now is a good idea. Still have half a season left to find out exactly what youve got on this roster. They have alot of young pieces here that like to share the ball and have great synergy and they will only get better from here.

This offseason the capspace will still be there and Washington will still be dreading that Porter contract because nobody is in a position to take it right now. If they arent happy with Jackson or Bogdanovics progression at that position you can re-evaluate and potentially make the move but it looks like the longterm combination of Jackson and Bogdanovic will be able to fill the same production if not become more productive if playing the same amount of minutes as Porter at a far cheaper price tag.

Dont sleep on Jackson he's shown some glimpses of becoming the lockdown 3 and d guy he was at UNC and credit the Kings for sticking with their young players and developing this talent.

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I see the Kings trading

I see the Kings trading WCS...they don't want to give him a long-term contract. And trading fro Otto Porter. No big FA's are coming to Sactown, you have to trade for them, Otto fits in perfect at SF for them and they can eat his contract.

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