Kings-Okc blockbuster trade

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Kings-Okc blockbuster trade

Westbrook-sign and trade (3yrs 77mil) and Nic Collison to Sacramento for Demarcus Cousin sign and trade (3yrs 75 mil) also and Darren Collison

Agree or not agree..just post ur opinion

This will be a major boost to kings and westbrook who will be leaving the thunder and new team for frustrated always cousins

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Disagree big time...

Boogie can't carry a team to the playoffs or close to the playoffs like Westbrook has,OKC has a surplus of Bigs and Westbrook is top 5 in the NBA vs Cousins who is maybe top 10 depending on who you ask...

Darren Collison vs Nic C , Darren is better and younger at this point but is inconsistent as a starter-See Indianna,Sacramento,Dallas stops...

The overall trade works majorly in the Kings favor and not really in OKC's favor at all. Myself personally I would rather have Steven Adams and Westbrook than Cousins and Collsion.

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