The KIngs future

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The KIngs future

Ok so I was watching some highlights of WCS and Skal from the nuggets game. I really believe skal can become the player he was supposed to by learning and trying to get the speed of the game. He's a very good athlete and has an amazing jumper but really needs to add 20 or more pounds. WCS may be coming around if he gets some offense which didn't loo awful against denver. I still don't understand the Papagiannis pick at all, they had Chriss who could become a star possibly and traded him for a guy who wouldve been availble in the 2nd round. GP's ceiling is brook lopez and they already have their frontcourt so idk why that even took place for a guy who wasn't on many mocks. So the point is i think Skal and Wcs can be the frontcourt duo for this team and hield can be a decent starter or scorer off the bench.

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