KIids who should stay....

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KIids who should stay....

Jerryd Bayless, Javale McGee, Koufos are some guys last year that people where talking about when they come in the league what make some impact but these players havent even gotten as much time as they thought they would. 3 players thats going to be like that to me this year is Chase Budinger,Damion James and Craig Brackens i could be wrong but its just my opinion.

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mcgee could have definitely

mcgee could have definitely used more time-especially for his body to fill out, but for bayless and koufos they have actually produced when they get to play, i think koufos's situation is they know they won't be able to keep okur so he was their future, he really shouldn't be there...and the blazers i still don't get the trade of brandon rush for bayless because they need a small forward, and they already had two point guards..3 at the sergio rodriguez-who is there best point guard but he's not starting, steve blake, and jarrett jack was there so..........

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Bayless is a Beast

Bayless is a beast and he did the right thing by coming out. Bayless doesn't get consistent PT, so his production isn't there. The same can be said for Beasley. Bayless, Kufos, and Beasley went into good situations, with SUPERSTARS on their team. So, its no need for them to be the go to guy. Kufos should have stayed though because he is still a little soft and doesn't want to bang inside. McGee came from a small school, his stock might have fallen if his production did, regardless of the weak draft. I feel that McGee had some decent games this season but he just hit that rookie wall and couldn't produce like he was. The players in this year draft tho is EVERY SMALL FORWARD. Its very rare to see a good small forward in the League without something outstanding. LBJ is a freak of nature, Melo is has a knack for scoring, Durant is a Wonderful shooter. Name one Small Forward this year that is great at any of that? That's the worst position to draft and teams still draft young under developed players at that position.

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Tyreke Evans

Tyreke Evans should really think about staying he's not ready for the NBA. He's a shooting guard who can't really shoot, he stay and develop his point guard skills one more year. In staying that extra year he would be in the national spotlight one more year and raise his profile as well. A 6'6 point guard is more valuable than a 6'6 shooting guard who struggles shooting. He's a nice player just think he would better served working on his craft a little longer.

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DeRozan and Mullens

You should add to that list B.J. Mullens and Demar DeRozan. They're not ready for the NBA and another year in college would show some real improvements in their game. Both of them have plenty of potential, but they're not ready yet.

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I agree that Chase could use another year, but Arizona is going to be AWFUL next year. I couldn't really blame him for not wanting to be part of next year's version of Indiana.
Also think Nick Calathes should come back. Having Kenny Boynton next year at Florida will make him look much better.

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DeMar, BJ, Chase

I think that DeMar DeRozan and BJ Mullens should definitely stay one more year to develop and would make zero impact on the league next season if they left, but I think that Chase is NBA ready by now after 3 seasons in college. He has a great shot, is extremely athletic, can score in many ways, and is a good all-around player already. One more year probably wouldn't make that big of an impact on his skills.

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i agree with mutombo

Derozan and Mullens are pure potential, i think they should wait a year or two.
I agree with benz that chase can score and one year will not be so good for his skills, better play some nbdl and nba garbage time with real men and learn how to defend.

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