Kidd fined

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Kidd fined

Kidd was fined 50k for the soda spill. I've always liked little tricks like this. Andre Miller's fake timeouts for layups were extremely clever and even when Kidd drew the technical on Mike Woodson when he was in Dallas was great in my opinion. Do you guys think he should've been fined? I don't see whats wrong with it, it makes the game interesting.

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I personally didn't care at

I personally didn't care at all that Kidd did it and found it funny. But of course it should be fined. Intentionally spilling drinks on the court to freeze ft shooters, allow yourself to draw up plays or generally slow momentum is an advantage and if you don't fine iit when it's obviously intentional, then what's stopping every team from doing it? Kidd gets a bit of a slide because I'm not sure it has happened before, but the next coach who does it will just look lame, the funny will be gone.

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Congratulations to Jason Kdd

Congratulations to Jason Kdd on being the first coach in NBA history to be fined for flopping.

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So cheating shouldn't be

So cheating shouldn't be punishied whenever it's "clever" and "interesting" ? That's weird.

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I kind of felt like he should

I kind of felt like he should have gotten one free pass on this since I hadn't seen something like this in a while. Also the Lakers sneaking into the fake timeout made it just too funny to take seriously. Of course, if he conveniently does something like that again, then a fine would be warranted. But this seems excessive for a first offense.

But I'm hardly objective here.

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Steelers coach Mike Tomlin

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin might've taken a page out of Kidd's playbook when he stepped on the field blocking Jacoby Jones last

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