KG Trade Idea

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KG Trade Idea

Boston Gets: Tiago Splitter/Stephen Jackson
San Antonio Gets: Kevin Garnett/Brandon Bass

Boston gets Jackson's expiring deal and an effective, athletic post presence in Splitter.
San Antonio instantly becomes the favorite in the West and an exponentially better defensive team. KG and Duncan down low might be enough to make them the favorites.

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You are hilarious. You're

You are hilarious. You're telling me that Boston trades their entire defensive identity for Tiago Splitter and a nut case who won't be back after this season? Celtics, if they are trading at all, will be trading for youth and picks, not Tiago Splitter.

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lol, Stephan A Smith just died laughing somewhere

KG will just retire at the end of the season and the same could be said about Pierce...The Clippers could throw Bledsoe and
a matching salary for Paul Pierce and go for the title this year or bust...KG would look good in Philly next to Bynum but that aint happening as they are rivals, Bynum is still hurt and the Sixers want their talent and cap flexibilty

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Tim Duncan reportedly hates

Tim Duncan reportedly hates KG and KG was rumored to have told Duncan Happy Mother's Day as trash talk, knowing Duncan's mother died the day before his birthday as a teenager.

I think if Ainge moves Pierce or Garnet he might as well move both in separate deals. I would love to see KG play for the Thunder or Spurs though. Maybe Kevin Miller, Collison and a pick plus and or a young player for KG and Courtney Lee. KG and Serge is an interior to be feared and C Lee gives them a cheaper option at the 2 while Lamb develops.

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I could already tell we're not going to get along...

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Is going no where.

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