Kevin Pritchard, WTF Portland??

Alright, Oregonians and all Northwestern United Statesmen, Who fires their General Manager one hour, before they run an NBA draft? I know some of you read or watch the local news, so tell me something. He only missed on Oden! If I was him, I would take all the video, interview information, advanced scouting notes, salary cap approximations regarding finance, sever ties with the secondary, terciary, and quaternary scouting contractors info, emails, everything, and burn it, because the're already incompetent enough to fire him on draft day. Something else was going over there that must have been very ugly.

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Meanwhile, the Thunder didn’t

Meanwhile, the Thunder didn’t do much beyond drafting intriguing big man Perry Jones in the first round of the draft and signing free agent center Hasheem Thabeet in free agency.

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