Is Kevin love a hall of famer

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Is Kevin love a hall of famer

K love has been stuck playing third fiddle for a while now. He's got rings,money and he's finally getting a shot too be more of the offense. I've always been a fan of Love and feel like he's always done what's he's asked. That being said does he have the credentials to get into the hall of fame. He's got rings which always helps and he actually had some big moments in the finals too help them get the ring. He has some really impressive younger years where he averaged 26 ppg In two different seasons. He averaged 15 boards one year to go with 20 points. His career is 18.4 and 11.5 which is solid. I know he has a few more years but I think if he called it quits today he might get in.

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Good Question

Prior to teaming up with Lebron you would feel both Love and Bosh were on there way to the hall despite not much team success.

They join Lebron and everybody's opinion of them falls but they get team success.

You would have to think there is room in the hall for Love, would be good to see him without Lebron again for a couple of years, unfotyunately we didn't get that with Bosh..

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Based on his accomplishments

Based on his accomplishments to date, absolutely not -- not even close. His Minnesota years barely even count ... NBA history is littered with guys who put up mind-boggling stats on garbage teams, and hardly anyone remembers their names.

But he's got a chance if he establishes himself as the clear second-best player on a perennial contender. If the Cavs keep making deep playoff runs and Love can make three or more all-NBA teams over the next few years, he'll be a bubble Hall-of-Famer.

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I agree 100%

Once again, it is the Hall of Fame, not the Hall of Really, Really Good

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Will KLove have a better year

Will KLove have a better year this year than his past 2 would have been a good topic, Should have kept it with that.

I think a he has no chance of making the hall of fame right now. He better put up 28 12 with 3 assists and a block this year if he wants to have any chance. And then be a huge factor in the playoffs.

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Love proved during his years

Love proved during his years in Minnesota what he could do as the main option on a team. The fact that he was willing to sacrifice and alter his game for the good of the team in Cleveland will play well with voters. If he keeps producing at the level he did this past season for a few more seasons (or possibly puts up even better numbers somewhere else in a more featured role), I think he will have a very strong chance to get in. There are players who have accomplished less currently in the hall.

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As of now no, if he can win another championship and make a few more All Star teams he could be in.

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The question I always pose

The question I always pose for Hall of Fame consideration is was he in the conversation as the best player at his position for an extended period of time.

I don't know, maybe. If his career flamed out right now due to injury I would say probably not, but I judge HOF a lot tougher than others seem to ...

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Right now, I think he's one

Right now, I think he's one of those players that's right on the borderline, a la Jack Sikma. I think he needs to make at least two more all-stars games and truly take advantage of the chance to be the second option in Cleveland. If he can do that, and his play is more of a factor in Cleveland winning another championship, he'll get in. If not, and he plateaus, I think he'll be someone who gets Hall consideration for decades but ultimately falls short.

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Good take!

Good take!

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Kevin Love would need to

Kevin Love would need to return to putting up massive stats while winning with the Cavs to be considered. It seems pretty unlikely as of right now.

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Not as of now, but he just

Not as of now, but he just turned 29. What happens if Golden State's flawless health turns south and opens a window. He needs to become an offensive 2nd option on a championship winning team and have some longevity to help his case.

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K-Love played on a losing

K-Love played on a losing side with T-Wolves but has won a title with the Cavs so has had a partly successful career. A few injuries have cost him production plus he had those two 26ppg years and his next best is 20ppg so his scoring seems to have dips.

He is only 29 now so I'd not say he would be HOF worthy if he retired tomorrow but he is building a HOF resume - a title, 4 All Star Games, 2 2nd All NBA Teams. If he has another good 2 or 3 seasons then he'll have solid HOF claims.

Interesting question though as he isn't a clear candidate either way.

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