Kevin Love to Cavs Idea

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Kevin Love to Cavs Idea

I've heard Kevin Love's name tied with the Cavs. Obviously that is just another rumor as I've heard the same thing about some other All Stars too. But this got me thinking. Tell me if I'm crazy for thinking this would be a good trade for both teams.

Cavs get Kevin Love.

Timberwolves get Anderson Varejao, Tristan Thompson, and the #1 pick.

This may seem like a lot to give up for the Cavs, but when Love is healthy he is the best PF in the world and he's only 24. It would also reunite Drew and Wes! The Cavs would have two young All Stars plus another really good young guy in Waiters to build around. They would lose depth with this trade, but they have 3 more top 33 picks to fill some holes, and they would have just as much cap room to work with as before the trade. In this scenario they should overpay for Iguodala. He would be a perfect fit with this group. 13-15 mil per year for 3-4 years would probably do the trick. A core of Irving, Love, Iggy, and Waiters can contend with any team in the league. Even if they don't get Iggy I think they can make the playoffs as a 5-7 seed. As I'm writing about how awesome this trade would be for them, I'm realizing they might even have to throw in some additional assets (combination of picks 19, 31, 33, 2014 first round pick and Heat's 2014 first round pick). If they have to give up an extra pick or two it would be totally worth it.

Apparently Love doesn't love it in Minnesota, and if the Wolves were ever going to trade him, this would probably be the best offer they'd ever get. They'd take McLemore with the first pick, cementing their backcourt of the future. Thompson has shown solid improvement throughout his career and Varejao was playing at an All Star level before he got hurt. Also, they'd save cap room because it would no longer be necessary to retain Pekovic, who's going to get around 10 mil per in his next contract. When Kirilenko and Ridnour come off the books in 2014, the Wolves will have significant cap room to sign a big name from the loaded 2014 free agent class. They also have the 9th and 26th picks plus two second round picks to get good role players or get picks for the 2014 draft. If they can get the Cavs to throw in more assets, they'd have that much more to work with. Love is one of the top 10 players in the league when healthy, but if they are ever going to do a trade, this would be it.

I really view this as a win-win for both sides. I don't think that a trade this significant would actually go down, but it's fun to try out ideas like this. Please tell me what you guys think.

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I have said it a couple of

I have said it a couple of times, but it still remains true. If the Wolves were a bad team and had no shot at the playoffs it would probably be considered on their end, but they are a 2 guard away from the playoffs if they can stay healthy. They are too close to being a playoff team to just blow it up. There is no need for the Wolves to blow up and start rebuilding for the playoffs when they can potentially make it next year if they stay healthy.

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If they were just healthy

If they were just healthy period they would've made the playoffs.

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If they were healthy, they

If they were healthy, they were a 50 win team. No need to blow this team up.

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I don't see how the

I don't see how the Timberwolves giving up a franchise player for a perpetually injured Center, a hard working decent PF and the #1 pick in one of the worst drafts of all time should be even entertained by them.

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Probably not happening

Love just came out and said how happy he is with the team since Saunders came in and they fired Kahn. They would look completely out of their minds if they traded their best player for anything less than a king's ransom. The Wolves have to show some continuity and a year of healthy Rubio and Love could go a long way.

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Love will not be

Love will not be traded!
Wolves will continue to build around he and Rubio. Flip is there and will do everything to keep Love happy, and Love only wants to be in a winning environment. If they can resign Pek at a friendly deal, the Wolves can draft a sg and become a playoff team.

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My goodness.

Minny is NOT trading Love, and they have no intentions of trading Love.

If they do ever come to grips and decide they want to move their disgruntled star it wont be unitl the treadline of the year hes eligible for free agency much like Utah and Denver with Deron Williams and Carmelo Anthony.

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Yeah, they may only be one

Yeah, they may only be one player away from being a 4 or 5 seed next year, but that's also best possible situation where everyone is healthy all year and they play well together. And honestly, I think all they need is Shabazz in this draft to become a really good team. Its the same as when they became a better team just by getting rid of Wes Johnson and Beasely, its a small change that makes the world of a difference. They're SORELY missing a big body (height or strength/weight) at the 2 position and Shabazz fits that need great. Not to mention he can somewhat create his own shot, but he will work much better having Rubio setting him up for easy buckets.

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They have a 6' 4" point

They have a 6' 4" point guard. And they have a 6' 5" two guard already, who will not be a rookie next year. I don't think they are sorely missing size in their front court. They were missing their All Star playing for most of the season. That was 50% of their problem. Rubio also missed about half the season.
They need a long an athletic center who can finish lob passes from Rubio. Or they can stick with Pek and get the 17 and 10 each night.

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not sold on shabazz

Kngojc, not sold on Shabazz. His shooting isn't at a starting nba sg level. Watching him that little big at UCLA, I'm not impressed yet. The potential is high and may be worth the shot, but would be surprised if he becomes a good player but not the all star type.

But now that Khan is out, there is no way they trade Love. There are a lot of ifs but if Love is healthy, if he gets his shooting touch and if the rest of the team stays healthy, then I am positive the wolves will be in the playoffs for the next five + years. So keep the star players together and fill in with draft picks and free agents.

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Minnesota is next year's

Minnesota is next year's breakout team if they can stay healthy. However, that is a huge "if." Love, Kirilenko, Rubio and Pekovic missed a combined 139 games last season. You can't hope to make the playoffs with your four best players missing that much time. The injuries to Brandon Roy and Chase Budinger were devastating as well. In addition to those players, the Wolves two solid young players in Derrick Williams and last year's rookie surprise Alexey Shved. Luke Ridnour is one of the best backup point guards in the NBA and J.J. Barea gets results.

This is a very excellent rebounding team overall, but they likely will not be stopping anyone on defense- despite the prowess of AK-47. Love, Pekovic and Shved are all below-average defenders and Rubio gets his steals and has quick hands, he gambles too much and struggles against those with above-average quickness. They should draft a big man with upside like Steven Adams, Alex Len, etc. because I don't think there are any shooting guards that will end up being better than what they already have. I'm not a fan of Caldwell-Pope, Hardaway or CJ McCollum. They would be better served drafting Sergey Karasev or Allen Crabbe with the 26th pick instead.

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I think that if you swap out

I think that if you swap out varajao with dion waiters then the timberwolves would easily do it but the cavs wouldnt do it because they would have to give up 3 top 4 picks for kevin love

this might work
timberwolves get dion waiters tristan thompson and the first round pick
cavs get Love and Pekovic in a sign and trade

I dont know how even that is but there are pieces you could throw in on either side if you think it isnt fair

Timberwolves could have rubio, waiters, shabazz(with the 9th pick), derrick williams or thompson and the other on the bench and nerlens noel with 6th and 7th men of shved and thompson or williams. That is a very young team but that would have a bright future. And they would have a decent amount of cap space

Cavs would have the great bigmen duo of love and pekovic to go with irving. That would be a play off team if they could stay healthy.

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