Kevin Durant bulking up for next season

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Kevin Durant bulking up for next season

Remember when everyone was telling LeBron James to go into the post more? He did and then he won his first NBA title. Get ready for everybody to start telling that to Kevin Durant now. The good news though: Durant is going into the post more and he's bulking up, too.

The biggest knock on Durant has always been his thin frame. He's still definitely skinny but the more he fills out, the better, because the Thunder are going to need him to start scoring more in the post. Durant scored 0.89 points per possession on post-up plays which is decent but not great. He shot just 42.5 percent from the post, a number that he can definitely improve upon. Bulking up will help with that a lot.

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Now, Howard is the Lakers’

Now, Howard is the Lakers’ big man with the big name (and big game), and a big reason they’re expected to compete for another title, maybe even to win it.

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Howard and kobe will mesh

I believe Howard will improve his game drastically playin with all star caliber and veteran players such as Nash, Kobe, Gasol and Artest... Specially on the offensive end of the floor, than throw in the fact he will be tutored by Kareem. THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!!!

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