Kevin Durant Best Scorer Ever???

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Kevin Durant Best Scorer Ever???

I think Durant could possibly become one of the best scores ever. I talking may average around 30 or just under for his career. Because if you look at his skill set he's already near the top in the league. He can shoot, create his own shot, he can post up the very few people smaller than him, has great length and height that allows him to get off shots others cant. Give him maybe two more years to bulk up some more and me might just have a guy who can score over 30 points a game for some years to come. You seen it at Texas while he was there about 30 points every night. And he only going to grow get stronger and mature as a player. He's going to be a liven nightmare to guard in a couple of years. Maybe more tough to guard than LeBron. Because you can lay off LBJ cause he not a great shooter. But you lay off Durant you are in for some trouble. He kind of reminds me of a little taller Tracy McGrady with the skills set of a Jordan or Kobe.

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durant career scoring will b

durant career scoring will b around 24 25 poins

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durant will

score plenty. But he still needs a little work on his pull up off the dribble.

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