Kentucky, most hated program in America?

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Kentucky, most hated program in America?

Have Kentucky overtaken Duke as America's most hated team. Just looking at this forum and the amount of delight people take in UK's horror season and last night's defeat against Bob Morris university, you can see how despised UK have become. Are people now so tired of seeing all these top recruits team up together, under the Kentucky banner and the shady influence of Cal and World Wide Wes, that Duke are no longer America's most hated team. Personally I would hope anyone beats Kentucky now (except Oregon State or UDub), previously I would of said this about Duke, but over the last few years I think the Duke hate has gone down, maybe people realise Coach K may in the twilight of his career and it is time to appreciate his brilliance, or players like Kyrie Irving have changed the classic Dukie image.

So what is your opinion who is America's most hated, Kentucky, Duke or someone else

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Success is tricky and fan

Success is tricky and fan support is fickle. UNC has been trying to do what Kentucky has been doing for as long as I can remember they just simply couldn't get the recruits every single year, only most of them. People also say Cal is a crap coach but a good recruiter, sound similar to Roy Williams? Yet while all of this is going on people love UNC and hate Kentucky. People gonna hate but the only people that listen to the haters are the other haters looking for someone to support their views.

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All hatred is just jealousy

All hatred is just jealousy and I don't see why people get so jealous of something that doesn't influence their lives in any way...

I'm a UK fan and I literally hate no team or program, I only dislike maybe certain players or coaches but its only because they have outwardly shown that they're a jerk.

If any of you haters had Coach Cal as your teams coach you would know he only cares about helping his kids reach their dreams...He only promotes the school and university and never himself...say what you want but if you're a hater throwing out ridiculous claims your opinion is quickly dismissed with anybody with objectivity and education..

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i heard the girls at uk are

i heard the girls at uk are very nice

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For me personally I like to

For me personally I like to see an underdog team or someone different do well.

For years we have watched kentucky, north carolina and duke have the success and get all the good players.

Same with other sports and leagues, I get sick of the celtics, lakers or heat being dominant. Same with the NY yankees

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You should probaby get used

You should probaby get used to being sick of multiple teams at once then, domination and dynastys are what sports are all about.

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I don't hate them, I just

I don't hate them, I just wish some of the recruits they get would go other places then Kentucky. It takes out the fun of college bball.

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I still dislike Duke more

Though think they are becoming neck and neck. Duke was just so clean cut and super obnoxious with their floor slapping, plus they were just fun to root against. The thing is, Coach K never got ALL of the top recruits. He would get highly ranked recruits that fit his system.

Cal I guess does that as well, though he has gotten #1 recruits all over the place, along with other guys in or near the top 10 at a much greater rate than Mike Krzyzewski has over the last few years. Plus, his whole "I hate the one-and-done system" certainly does not stop him from making it a huge recruiting tool.

Ultimately, it was always my dream to have stacked college teams with top recruits. Just sort of thought it would be awesome. The fact that it is not at my school (Oregon) leads me to not love the concept that much. For people that want to see parity and aren't either UK alums or fans, it can get a bit much.

I am really interested to see what happens, though in my mind I was kind of just wishing UK did not get 7 top 100 recruits, 6 of whom are McDonald's All-American's. I mean, the Fab 5 had 4. UK's class is totally out of control, plus while I think at least 2 out of 3 of Cauley-Stein, Poythress or Goodwin will leave (do not buy what they said yesterday) they should be the pre-season #1 by a fair margin. Just so much talent and size at every position.

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I'm a UK fan also, and I have

I'm a UK fan also, and I have mixed feelings about all of it. I mean, I love watching all the talent we keep getting, but it would be nice to actually see a team grow and mature together while adding one or 2 Freshmen in their every year, pretty much what Louisville did.

^@mikeyv I think that out of those 3, Cauley-Stein is most likely to come back. I think Goodwin and Poythress would both just clog up their positions with the Harrisons, Young, and Randle all at their respective positions. I guess Poythress might stay, but he would have to ride the bench a lot more than Cauley-Stein would and I'm not sure if he wouldn't just rather take the money.

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I don't hate UK either....

I don't hate UK either.... but now it defeats the chances of my Spartans winning a title since our core is likely to come back...

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When you're getting hate you

When you're getting hate you know you're doing something right.

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^^^ Malik, I feel you man.



I feel you man. My Memphis Tigers should have its deepest team next year.

People don't like the Coach Cal system. To me, it feels like there was no way that ESPN and the NCAA
hierarchy were going to let Cal stay at Memphis. I think this new world order of college basketball realignment
and super conferences started when Calipari went to Kentucky.

Some hate Kentucky but having Kentucky and Indiana doing very well along with the other power houses like Duke,
UNC, Kansas, and even UCLA is good for college basketball. Ironically Gonzaga has been the favorite Cinderella team
over the past decade or so and it is now a number one seed. So there is room at the top and also room for teams like Gonzaga,
Butler, VCU, Memphis, and St. Louis. That's what makes college basketball so compelling.

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Duke will always be the most hated. Because of who plays for them and the fact that those guys win. Buff said

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The University of Kentucky

library burned down recently. There were only two books in the building at the time of the fire. One of them hadn't even been colored in yet.

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Florida wins a title next

Florida wins a title next year doesn't make the tournament. Two years later, UNC wins a title and doesn't make the tournament. Three years later Kentucky wins a title and doesn't make the tournament. And NOW the sports world it abuzz with 'does Kentucky's system work? Is it broken?!?' Is the world going to end?!? Grow up, people. Duke got tossed by Lehigh last year when they were a top 10 team in the country. Who cares if they made the tournament? They got beat by a nobody when they were good. Kentucky being on the bubble, sucking all season, and then sucking in the NIT?? Not a surprise. What's the difference? Is it worse to lose to a team with an RPI in the 200s in the first round of the tournament when you were a top 10 team, or lose in the first round of the NIT when you were terrible all season long?

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UNC in 2010 had 4 McDonalds

UNC in 2010 had 4 McDonalds All-Americans and from 2006-2010 they had at least 3 per year(Except 2007). Last year they had a total of 8 McDonalds All-Americans on the team and didn't win it. SO quit hating on Kentucky. It shows that these kids want to go to a school that has tradition, good coach or recruiter, the best publicity, and a chance to win a national championship. Deep down you say your not a Kentucky hater, but how come everytime Kentucky does something that has never been done people are quick to make a thread and Hate. Where was this thread last year when UNC was loaded with McDonalds All-Americans. If anybody can pull the unbelievable its Coach Cal. Matter of fact he just did 6 McDonalds all Americans coming in at once. HAHAHA!!! (HI HATERS!!!) and If Poythress, Goodwin, and WCS stay along with Wiltjer that makes 9 one more then UNC(Honestly I don't Harrow will be asked to comeback). Again HAHAHA! Remember WCS was not a McDonalds All-American just a diamond in the ruff. Thats facts for that a$$

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Kentucky has a chance to be GREAT! All time great. I wouldn't be mad at all if Wiggins declared because it will probably be the greatest show college has ever seen! They want documentaries like the Fab 5 years from now, & I won't blame anyone for joining a team in hopes for a ring if only for the 1 year. They know their NBA bound so can u knock them for wanting to be apart of something great while they can & the choice is in their hands?

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