Kentucky 2013

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Kentucky 2013

With these 5 is Kentucky done? If so, my main question is where does Wiggins end up? Randle to follow his USA coach to Florida? Parker to MSU.....

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Wouldn't be surprised if both go to UK. The chance to go 40-0 next year is very enticing to any player. Parker will probably go to MSU even though I think Florida would be the best fit with Kasey Hill and Chris Walker already in place.

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Kentucky is going to be

Kentucky is going to be loaded next year. with those 5 freshmon and Harrow should be back, wiltjer should be back too, baring a break out year, then they just need a back up wing. that would be an amazing 8 man rotation.

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Tought question. Better? A

Tought question. Better? A combination of...

Kasey Hill, Julius Randle, and Chris Walker


Andrew Harrison, Aaron Harrison, James Young (Or sub in Marcus Lee)

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