KD is Not Nice!

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KD is Not Nice!

Kevin Durant has been torching the Dallas Mavericks all night! He has 52 against Dallas as they have no answer for him.

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Russel had 31 6 and 6.

Russel had 31 6 and 6.

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they have won and again Durant destroys a team lol

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but seriously what was mike

but seriously what was mike james doing on that last possession???

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Hero ball. James just signed

Hero ball.

James just signed his second 10 day contract with the Mavs at the conclusion of which they will either have to sign him for the rest of the season or waive him. It was a gamble on James part. After making a 3 with 1:17 left James probably thought if he nails that last one, he's shown how indispensible he is. I also think he's lost a step and struggles to get by people without creating contact, which limits his options offensively. There was no pick for him at the top of the key so it was one on one. He gets a contract if he made it and well... you saw the look on Cubans face when he didn't.

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I rest my case

Its his time.

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i cant believe mike james is

i cant believe mike james is STILL in the nba

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