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GD’it this absolutely sucks. Surprisingly I was a huge KD defender to wanting to put himself amongst the greatest to ever play when he joined Golden State, this injury hurts me really badly. Kobe (My favorite player of all time) went down with the same injury and was never the same. I hope it’s not as bad as Bob Myers made it seem

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Fans shouldve never cheered

Fans shouldve never cheered when he got injured. Honestly most of the people in that building arent even the true fanbase at this point. Lots of em its their first time to a basketball game gauranteed. But Im sure it will have consequences longterm.

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Lol. That was funny tho.

Lol. That was funny tho. Durant fans don’t even respect Durant. Look at bob myers crocodile tears. Durant’s a multi million aire, utterly no reason to feel sorry for this

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As a basketball fan, this

As a basketball fan, this sucks. We're losing yet another great player due to injury. He was killing it in the playoffs until this sad.

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Most likely scenario now is

Most likely scenario now is he opts in to his 31.5mil contract and stays with the Warriors to rehab all year. Possibly returning for the playoffs and trying to get his contract next summer. Needless to say this injury really impacts free agency this year in terms of what teams that were hoping to land him will do and with Kyrie who was rumored to want to team up with him.

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Either this or he signs a

Either this or he signs a mid-level kind of deal knowning he won’t play anyway and makes the Klay extension way more easy for the dubs.

To be honest I feel bad for KD. Yes I’m still bitter about his OKC exit but it was his choice and he every right to do this. HE was the reason the dubs won the last two chips, no matter what people say about Steph being the man there. He averaged 34 ppg this postseason with 50/40/90 splits and without him the Warriors would be where they are. As great as Steph is, he never was finals MVP and most likely won’t be if the Raptors hit one of the remaining two match points. KD was always locked in on this team, dragged them to another finals appearance and his decision to play in this game says a lot about his desire to win. Everyone and his mother knew that was not a calf injury but his archilles and whoever cleared him to play should being hit in the mouth. Terrible decision and this totally shifts the upcoming free agency bonanza in multiple ways for any team.

I still hope the Raptors walk away with the trophy but it’s hard to not feel bad for KD and I really hate the Raptors fans reaction to his injury since it was pretty obvious what happened. On a side note it was pretty sad that none of his teammates came to him when he was sitting on the ground holding his heel which might mean or not mean something aside from the initial shock to everyone.

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report --- The Warriors

report ---

The Warriors believe Kevin Durant’s MRI on Tuesday will confirm a torn right Achilles’ tendon according to ESPN's Ramona Shelburne and Adrian Wojnarowski.

Just awful. It's no secret that an Achilles tear is one of the worst injuries you can have in basketball and you've got to feel for Durant after fighting his way back to the court after a month-long absence. Durant, who will be 31 in September, could miss the bulk of the 2019-20 season if the MRI confirms Golden State's diagnosis. The track record of players coming back from this injury isn't great, but KD isn't someone to bet against. We expect him to attack his rehab and we wish him all the best.

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Oh man that's horrible. So

Oh man that's horrible. So heartbreaking for KD.

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Rushed back

He rushed back, and now will pay the price.

Happy they won the game he played, but hope Green was Wrong, and they cant win without him.

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Looking at timelines for this

Looking at timelines for this injury the best recent case scenario was about 8 months so that is mid February 2020 return, worse case is a whole year which effectively scrubs next season. Lets take middle ground and say he is back for last couple of weeks of regular season.

He has that player option which he can opt into and GSW would likely get some injury cap relief on his contract though.

Would a team risk taking a punt on an injured KD if he didn't opt in or what if GSW decided to trade him to get some cap relief or to get some sort of asset back.

The other wildcard but unlikely thing to happen is that KD effectively becomes a FA and rehabs privately and if he does get back then he could hop onto any line up when he gets fit or he does a DMC and takes a lot less to get onto a team of choice. Lets say a team with room for a couple of top FAs also takes a cut price KD with an intent to resign him to a max the next summer.

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This absolutely makes me

This absolutely makes me sick. This could’ve and should’ve been avoided and the warriors front office and medical staff has some serious explaining to do. There is absolutely no way he should’ve been cleared to play so soon after what we all know now was clearly an Achilles injury and not just a routine calf strain in the first place. If you leave it up to a competitor like KD to decide if he wants to give it a go, of course he is going to play. It’s the medical staffs responsibility to step in and prevent something like this from happening. They failed him in a major way.

The whole way this was handled just flat out sucks. They downplayed the severity of the injury in the first place. The whole time all you heard was that it wasn’t an Achilles injury. This of course led the media and fans to question his toughness and commitment when he ended up being out longer than anticipated, which no doubt influenced his decision to try to play. Even though he made his first few shots you could tell his legs were extremely wobbly whenever he tried to shift direction or plant.

The negligence extends beyond kd too. Looney was cleared to go back on the court after tearing something in his chest and now appears to have injured himself further. Thompson was going to be allowed to play on a strained hamstring in game 3 before Kerr stepped in and sat him. And as much as you admire cousins for gutting it out there is probably no way he should be playing right now.Someone on the warriors staff is not doing their job or being told not to do it.

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We all thought his initiall injury was his achilles.

Feels like the Warriors medical staff lied about the initial injury.

They knew he was leaving after the season, they had no readon to protect him. Best case, he plays 3 games and they win the championship. (He still probably leaves) or...
He gets hurt, his market value drops, forcing him to pick up his player option. (They keep him 1 more year)

Worse thing is they play him til he gets rehurt, (he still Leaves - not their concern anymore)

This just feels like G.S. didnt really care if the ran him till he was done.

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