Kawhis contract details

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Kawhis contract details

Kawhi did not sign the full 4 yr max that most anticipated he would. Instead it’s a 3 yr deal with an opt out after 2. This is a smart move for kawhi in that it allows him to opt out and sign a larger deal worth up to 35% of the salary cap when eligible in 2021. It also puts him on the same timeline as Paul George, who also has an opt out in 2021 on his deal.

While this is smart negotiating by kawhi and his camp, it also puts an incredible amount of pressure on the clippers. They are likely staring at a 2 yr window to win a championship and keep both of their stars happy. If things go south and they end up quickly staring at a very tough rebuild with few draft picks in place.

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Obviously the Clippers pull

Obviously the Clippers pull the trigger on Kawhi and PG 100 times out of 100 because it's not often big FAs will pick them over the Lakers, but this contract definitely gotta be making them feel the heat now. There's a scenario in which they win a title in the next 2 years, both of them stay and they stay a contender for a long time. There's also a scenario in which Kawhi's quad and/or PG's shoulders only get worse, they underachieve and 1 or both of them leave in 2 years. They essentially mortgaged their whole 2020's to get these guys, so the next 2 years will be the biggest in franchise history by far. Summer 2021 will be huge

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If he wants to stay home, he'll stay a Clippers. Can't imagine the Lakers going after him again in 2 years lol.

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Kawhi wins the championship his second season then leaves to try to win a 4th team a championship

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Yes i saw this. Clippers are

Yes i saw this. Clippers are gambling hard.

Didn't they give up 4 or 5 first rounders ?

So they get a 2 year rental of Kahwi and Paul George for that many draft picks ?

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Yep. The craziest thing about

Yep. The craziest thing about it is OKC didnt trade for the 2020 or 2021 picks which are the two years Kawgi will be playing there. The 5 years they get or have the right to swap picks with the Clippers starts 2022 and ends 2026. Kawhi's can opt out for the 2021-2022 season.

Sam Presti is just born to rebuild lol. Not the best at putting the right peices around his formed team but he can defenitely gather assets.

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The Clippers big gamble on

The Clippers big gamble on PG13 and indirectky Kawhi could only last two years although both would leave a lot of money on the table if they moved on in 2021.

I had been saying all along that Kawhi would likely take a two year deal to hit FA in 2021 as a 10 year veteran but that had been assuming he would resign with the Raps. Having gone all in to get PG13 I would have thought that the Clippers would have demanded that Kawhi sign a 4 year deal especially as he has left the Raptors and the Lakers have used up their cap space.

If both or one did move on then the Clippers would have cap room so would just rebuild via FA market or if things work out then they trade one or both and get assets back.

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The real risk is tied to injury

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say they both stay. Guys don't voluntarily leave strong organizations for a hand picked place only to move on from there in 2 years. Kawhi is just maximizing his earning potential.

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Probably will stay, and

Probably will stay, and finishing his contract a ten year vet makes sense... but it's more fun to speculate.

Everyone is talking about how kawhi is now actually a shadow GM like lebron, manipulating things behind the scenes. What if this is the most brilliant move yet... he gets to be the favorite for a title for 2 years, then he and pg and maybe even another star, maybe anthony davis and they all leave lebron in LA holding the bag, head to.... OKC. Joining SGA and whoever else they get over the next 2 years for westbrook and gallo and adams and tanking and using Miami's pick, and they ride off into the back half of thier careers with all the clippers picks as a decade long dynasty through the 2020's and Kawhi goes down in history as the Mercenary King, he who brings the thunder...

But yeah, unless the clips mess this up he's probably staying.

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Smart getting an option to

Smart getting an option to leave, just in case. He can sign another deal after if he wants, more money then. Wouldn't be worth worrying about now, the main thing is that they got him and others didnt. Even if he was out injured, you get your money's worth in that you don't have to play against him, and he's not a Laker! He's proven to be worth a rental anyway but he'll likely stay I imagine, unless there is an issue with others at the Clippers. I doubt he would be planning to skip around the league forever.

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